January 25, 2022


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Tarkov Server Status: AFK-Timer kicks you out with immediate effect

There is now an AFK timer in Escape from Tarkov! Source: Battlestate Games

While Battlestate Games continues to work hard as promised to solve technical issues that have been in Escape from Tarkov for several days, you can also find out the status of the current Tarkov server relatively easily. Having recently informed you that the developers of the shooter are aware of the ongoing turmoil and that short- and long-term solutions are being worked on, there is now a status update once again.

On Monday January 3, 2022, the Russian development studio released the patch, which is titled “Client Technical Update” and requires only a 4MB download. The biggest change this brings to players is the auto-logout function if you stay inactive in the game for a long time. After exactly 30 minutes in which you have not done anything in the game, you will immediately receive a warning message warning you of the impending disconnection. If you don’t reply to this message, your game will end on its own shortly thereafter.

Shorten the queue and remove AFK players

The main reason for this action is that very popular and therefore valuable places on the servers are not blocked by absent players. This also alleviates the controversial waiting list and shortens the waiting time associated with it. Battlestate Games is currently using these queues to handle the massive influx of players to Escape from Tarkov’s servers. Before the queues were implemented, I installed Tarkov servers several times, which also led to great frustration among the players.

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As already mentioned in our previous article on this topic, this mechanism should remain temporary until the rest of the infrastructure is upgraded to the newly required standard. For now, you can’t avoid waiting in prime time if you want to play EfT.

However, the waiting time after today’s update may be shorter than in the days before us. Because quite a few players left the game open even when they’ve been away longer so they don’t have to queue up again afterwards. Until today there was no timer until automatic logout.

Tarkov Server: Check yourself for problems

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning, you can easily check yourself, relatively quickly and easily, what problems and messages currently exist about the servers and the general technical condition of Escape from Tarkov. In addition to the official Twitter channels Battlestate games And Escape from Tarkov Worth a look at it Wire Transfer Status Page, which will also inform you about current malfunctions.

In addition to the daily dynamic, which is shown in the form of a timeline and colored points, there is also detailed information about the current state of:

  • website
  • forum
  • Authentication
  • launcher
  • Lobby group
  • trade
  • matchmaking
  • Friends and messages

In addition, there are current messages about server problems and the described incident status.

Tarkov Twitch Drops – Events and Post Streams

Even if you are unable to play for various reasons, you can collect Tarkov Twitch Drops on participating Twitch channels that broadcast Escape from Tarkov until January 8, 2022. These, depending on rarity, give you random rewards in the form of direct in-game items.

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You can find an overview of the authorized channels to get prizes on all days here.

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