April 15, 2024


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“They're eating my graphics card” – The player's computer is invaded by ants and he doesn't know how to get rid of them

“They're eating my graphics card” – The player's computer is invaded by ants and he doesn't know how to get rid of them

One gamer reported a strange phenomenon: his computer was infested with ants eating his hardware. These distinctive ants are now known in the United States of America, but have not yet appeared in Germany.

What kind of ant problem is this? One of the players explains On RedditHe is currently suffering from a special type of ant plague. Because they are looking for his gaming computer and especially his graphics card.

He himself explains that he has already tried everything to get rid of the unpleasant visitor:

  • He cleaned the components with a spray containing isopropyl alcohol.
  • He also cleaned his desk, where his computer was located, with an insect spray.

But none of that helped. As soon as he cleaned his gaming computer, the ants started attacking again. He himself is now completely desperate and fears that his equipment will suffer serious damage:

I don't know how they got here, it was like they came out of nowhere. There are no ants nesting anywhere in my room, and they have avoided bug spray. Now I'm very worried that they will destroy my computer with formic acids.

(via reddit.com)

Ants are a real pest in the USA, but they are not common in Germany

Basically, there are several types of ants that are attracted to electrical appliances (via ant-pest.com). The most famous species that attack electronic devices are fire ants and the so-called “Rasberry Crazy Ants”: the latter are about three millimeters long, are very aggressive and go after electrical devices (via deutschlandfunknova.de).

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It's hard to say exactly why ants are interested in electronics. What is certain is that these ants cause a lot of damage, and in the southern USA, fire ants and “Rasberry crazy ants” in particular cause major problems.

Additionally, simply killing the ants doesn't help much. When ants die, they release their own substances, which attract more ants:

When these ants land on electronic devices, they often short circuit or die from electrocution. This stimulates their pheromones, telling them they are in danger. Your presence [die Ameisen] They are being attacked. Your presence [die Ameisen] need help.

Could something like this happen in Germany too? “Rasberry Crazy Ants” is not yet available in Germany or Europe. This species is currently native only to North America. So ants are still unlikely to attack your gaming PC or other valuable hardware. The ants were first found in Houston, Texas, and are now also found in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi (via nbcnews.com).

Ants have not yet migrated to Germany. However, people continue to report how these ants are destroying valuable appliances. It is not easy to get rid of them:

A gamer suffers from an infestation of ants in his gaming computer – which is why getting rid of them is so complicated