December 7, 2023


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Taboola: New AI-powered technology increases conversions from native ad campaigns, Taboola, press release

Taboola: New AI-powered technology increases conversions from native ad campaigns, Taboola, press release

  • Advertisers achieve approximately 50 percent higher conversions for the same costs
  • Marketers set their budget and let Taboola’s AI automatically maximize conversions
  • This technology relies on contextual signals from nearly 600 million daily active consumers and goes beyond classic CPC bidding strategies

Taboola (Nasdaq: TBLA), the global leader in recommendations for the open web, has made a breakthrough in its marketing- and performance-focused bidding technology — maximizing conversions.

This technology allows Taboola advertisers to move beyond manual, more time-consuming CPC bidding strategies. Alternatively, they can set a budget and let Taboola’s algorithm perform automatic CPC bidding to get as many conversions as possible without exceeding the set budget.

More than 1,000 advertisers have already used Taboola to maximize conversions and achieved excellent results. You will see an increase in conversions of up to 50 percent while maintaining the same cost per acquisition (CPA). Some advertisers are seeing nearly a 20 percent reduction in CPA. Increasing conversions not only increased the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, but also increased their efficiency by halving the time it took advertisers to achieve optimal results.

“Our campaigns to maximize conversions are clear winners!” According to a report by Babbel, an online foreign language learning platform. “They consistently deliver excellent results and allow us to maximize our budgets while achieving great CPAs. Not only that, these campaigns also currently give us the highest return on ad spend (ROAS)! We are thrilled to invest further in our collaboration with Tboola.”

Tour company Secret Escapes is also convinced by the results: “At Secret Escapes, our goal is to acquire new subscribers within a defined CPA target – and with Taboola’s strategy to maximize conversions, we have a winning formula while finding the defined CPA target! The result? An amazing % reduction 64 percent in CPA, which exceeds our expectations and puts us well below our CPA target.”

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Maximize Conversions is designed to give advertisers more flexibility in executing their campaigns. This technique can be used without a CPA goal to maximize an advertiser’s daily budget and achieve the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost. When used with Target CPA, it delivers advertiser-controlled CPA performance.

“Advertisers deserve technology that easily and effectively increases their return on investment (ROI), and Maximizing Conversions does just that,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola. “We take the guesswork out of CPC bidding and allow advertisers to simply tell us their goals and our AI will do the rest. The technology is trained using contextual signals from over 9,000 publishers and nearly 600 million daily active users and gives advertisers who use maximum conversions a competitive advantage when targeting Customers. We are seeing amazing results with this technology! It helps you acquire large numbers of new customers, saves costs, time and more. I predict that by 2024, nearly half of our advertisers will take advantage of this offer.

More testimonials from advertisers

“We have seen significant stability and performance boost by maximizing conversions that exceeded our expectations. A notable difference is the significant reduction in manual work compared to our previous methods. We look forward to running more campaigns using Taboola to maximize conversions for greater stability and reduced More manual labor.” – Oedipus

“We’ve seen consistent performance in terms of spend and CPA, but the real magic is in the valuable time we’ve saved optimizing bids. Thanks to this amazing tool, our marketing efforts have reached a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.” – Muhlert Digital Gmbh on behalf of Leica Camera

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“The automated approach to maximizing conversions saves us valuable time and effort in campaign management. It has also opened up profitable inventory that could not have been achieved through other methods.” – Click on the crew