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SZ-Sportfilme – Platz 4: Diego Maradona – Sport

SZ-Sportfilme – Platz 4: Diego Maradona – Sport

Sports movies have a tough time, of course: The obedient sports fan immediately realizes that even talented actors are not necessarily top athletes and that top athletes are less likely to be talented actors. But in recent years, the selection of successful films has grown steadily: SZ’s sports editorial team introduces 22 of them, and thus selects the 22 best – very personal – movies. This time fourth place – Diego Maradona.

In 1984, the world’s most expensive footballer moved to the poorest city in Italy, from FC Barcelona to Napoli, and the story of this great documentary begins with even greater miscalculation. A reporter asked Diego Maradona what he expected from Napoli. “I expect peace and quiet,” he says. Quiet!

85,000 people are already waiting at Naples’ San Paolo stadium for the arrival of the 23-year-old Argentine. His first press conference begins with euphoria and ends in failure. This sets the rhythm for his future career and this movie, which looks like Pato. British filmmaker Asif Kapadia puts 500 hours of private record material and the TV archive into an oppressive intimate glance. As a viewer, you have the feeling that you are living there on coca, submitting to Camorra, giving birth to your illegitimate son, destroying his body by injection – and the wonderful art of Kapadia is that he still does not show Maradona.

At the end of the day, one would like to embrace the saint of Naples and world champion from 1986 and whisper to him: No one deserves to be treated like a god.

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Asif Kapadia is an expert on fallen icons. In 2011, he dedicated a biographical documentary on Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, and in 2015 to British soul singer Amy Winehouse. His Maradona from 2019 is somewhat of a heroic trilogy finale. Unlike Sina Winehouse, Diego Maradona has escaped the frenzy of his career. This is another reason why this movie is superior to its predecessors, because the protagonist is involved – the narrator’s voice vibrating in the background.

From the start, Maradona was accompanied by two photographers who documented everything

The camera moves into the passenger seat as Maradona’s caravan set off across Naples in 1984 while they waited for Christ to arrive at the crowded stadium. However, the beloved mentions retrospectively from the start that he reached Naples completely penniless, after two disastrous years in Barcelona. “No other club wanted me. I asked for a house and got an apartment. I ordered a Ferrari and I got a Fiat.”

For his collection, Kapadia was able to use a treasure trove of previously unpublished photos, which he owed primarily to Maradona’s first agent, Jorge Strezzebler. At the start of Child’s Miracle Career, he hired a couple of photographers to document everything, his important quirks, nearly every relationship, cabin parties, tears, mom’s first call after the World Cup Final in Mexico: “Now take the rest, son.” Scheduled.

By the way, Maradona’s childhood friend Cyterszpiler never saw the final film, in 2017 he threw himself from the seventh floor in a hotel in Buenos Aires. “Life doesn’t matter on the pitch,” says Diego Maradona in one of the early recordings. After 130 minutes of the movie at the latest, you wish he never had to leave.

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This is standard work on goodwill. Does he deserve to be the greatest? Anyone who looked into the abyss of those eyes when Maradona sat like half-dead at a Christmas party in the SSC Naples at the end of 1990, trapped in the shell of his legend, doubts: it’s just not worth it.

Diego Maradona, 2019, Reggie Asif Kapadia

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