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Space Dragons put to the test: a space battle as a card game

Space Dragons put to the test: a space battle as a card game

In Space Dragons, you explode to hunt space dragons. You need a crew to fight monsters and fellow players.

  • 3 to 6 players, from 10 years old and above
  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Author: Richie Harhoff
  • Publisher: Edtion Spielwiese / Pegasus Spiele
  • Price: about 13 euros

Oh no! no body else Distillation game! It seems that every year dozens of representatives of this species appear. Are you already showing signs of fatigue? Sure, many games of this genre offer very little new gameplay in terms of gameplay to allow you to load your game shelf with another game to take in the tricks. On the other hand, we gambled all night playing tricks. With simple rules, short play time, and a good mix of luck and tactics, countless games can be combined together without losing motivation. Often the favorite tricks games in the long run … if done well. Does the new Spielwiese’s new Space Dragons also have what it takes?

Team building in space dragon

The story of Space Dragons is quickly told. In a distant galaxy you make the universe insecure with your spaceship. It is set off to hunt the dragons that roam this area as well. However, monsters don’t give in to their fate without a fight, they just throw fireballs around them. So you need one Powerful spaceship And above all, a good crew takes kites with you from the sky. However, dragons aren’t the only enemies to watch out for. Your dear teammates of course also aim for the Dragons. They aren’t afraid to burn a heavy load of cannonball on your fur.

Space Dragons comes with 80 astronauts, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

© Pegasus Games

Before entering into battle, you must first prepare your crew. Team members are represented by cards. Every crew member has it An individual Points of strength and weakness. So the choice should be carefully considered. First of all, each Dragon Hunter receives nine cards from his hand, and one of them is chosen. The remaining cards are passed to the next player. From the new cards you receive, you choose a member of the team. This procedure continues until your crew consists of nine people.

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Search for space dragons

Now you are taking the spaceship card as your avatar and the dragon hunt can start. The first dragon appears in the sky as you play one upcard from the starting player. The basic rules are very easy. The dragon goes to the player who has it Highest card play. Live! It really doesn’t get much easier than that. There is no commitment to work, no trump cards or other exceptions. The special trick about the game results from the role-playing crew members who roam with special functions. The cards played after each round are not discarded – as in many other trick games – but remain in front of you. They will play an important role as the game progresses.

Space Dragons operates very simply at its core. The card with the highest value wins the trick.

© Pegasus Games

Crew cards have strength values ​​between one and eighty points. If you really want to land a certain dragon, you have to throw as high a card as possible into the ring. This is unfortunately that special case strong Crew members have some flaws. On the other hand, fellows, who seem a bit weak at first glance, outperform useful superpowers.

Space Dragons and Space Astronauts

Let’s take the star among the space astronauts right away. With his strength of 80 points, he is unbeatable in the fight for the dragon. By everyone Offensive force Unfortunately he is a little neglected in battle and does two damage to your ship. Not really a great act. Your space glider cannot be destroyed, but at the end of the game you get five minus points for each damage.

The 80’s alien defeats Space Dragons, but causes two damage to your spaceship.

© Pegasus Games

Deploying an 80’s astronaut costs you ten points, thus equaling the point you won in the victory over the dragon. Unless you have taken precautions, ship your own with a little in advance Armor Installation. Various crew members can install shields. A somewhat lame astronaut with nine-point combat power, for example, shields your ship with two shields. Parts of the crew can even repair damage done afterward, like a spinning robot with just one point force.

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Hunters of Space Dragons are caught in the crossfire

Once again, parts of the team become extremely aggressive and direct their anger specifically at the kite hunter. The winner of the trick can be looking to win the dragon, but cause hatred for rivals and may collect some damage points. As you can see, a successful dragon hunt sometimes has one very expensive. However, crew composition also plays a major role from another point of view.

This astronaut can hardly defeat Space Dragons, but he reliably repairs your spaceship.

© Pegasus Games

Several team members reinforce certainty Ways Your spaceship with a single point or even several points. Playing an astronaut like this increases your value in science, mood and crime. At the end of the game, you create a classification for the three different categories. Now some bonus points or penalty points are distributed again, depending on how successful you are in the individual domains.

Space Dragons roam with bonus points

Of course, the high level of crime on board doesn’t have a particularly positive effect on your final rating. However, to get in a good mood, there are some extra points for first place holders. In the field of science, it is not easy to assess the situation. To get first place in rating Lots of bonus points are awarded, but the last player on the list can look forward to a small reward, and the remaining players get nothing. As the game progresses, you should keep an eye out for what you do in the rankings of the three classification areas.

Space dragons are the things you want.

© Pegasus Games

Ultimately, your final rating is calculated by many factors. You can get a large portion of points if you successfully kill dragons. Bonus points are earned if you include specific astronauts in your crew. However, there are also a few crew members in the deck that will get you minus points. You must specify additional minus points if your spaceship is on its way to fishing damage Had suffered. Finally, the science, temperament, and crime scores are included in the score.

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Point Salad in Space Dragons

Space Dragons can impressively dull a first impression of a simple mega tricks game. In fact, there are quite a few factors to consider and incorporate them into the decision-making process. Gameplay time is still in moderation with Space Dragons. taller than Twenty minutes The game rarely continues. No wonder, after all, the run ends after only seven tricks. Seven dragons must be successfully hunted, so that two astronauts are not played, and therefore they do not end up in your crew.

In Space Dragons, a classification is created in three different disciplines.

© Pegasus Games

Space Dragons appears by Richi Haarhoff via Edition Spielwiese and Pegasus Spiele. The game targets three to five players, ages ten and over. You can find the game now at a price of around € 13 In trade.

Conclusion: Space Dragons gets a lot of simple trick game mechanics and thus has the following rating

Space Dragons gets a lot of simple trick mechanic gameplay and thus got the following rating.

© Pegasus Games

The search for Space Dragons is kids’ play at its core, but the details are intricate and should not be underestimated. You don’t need a big math account to get yourself off the beaten track. The card with the most number wins, it really isn’t much easier. Instead, in Space Dragons, that is consequences To weigh his actions. A slain dragon certainly brings a lot of fame and honor, but that doesn’t help if you have to hand your spaceship into a barrage of fire for the other players on the plate. There is more than one factor that gives you points at the end of the game. Science, mood, crime, spaceship status, crew formation, and of course, successfully hunted dragons lead to a mixed set of points at the end of the game. Combination of trick gameplay mechanics very shallow and clear More complex point allocation Works. Space Dragons has come to the perfect place well with this compromise and can develop addicting effects quite well. A “just one game” can quickly become a full game evening. The games themselves play quickly without losing themselves in banality. This is exactly how stunt games should feel.

forefront With
+ 80 astronauts with individual profiles – Playable by only 3 people
+ Scoring complex
+ Plays smoothly
+ A good mix of tactical demands and accessibility
+ Funny cartoon drawings by crew members