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Communist for hate on the network - the axis of good.  ACHGUT.COM

Communist for hate on the network – the axis of good. ACHGUT.COM

Communist hate on the net

Still sitting behind the wall, I had occasional visits from left-wingers in West Germany, who once in the workers-peasants state were an adventure vacation. In their luggage, they often had little books – forgot left-wing publishers – that were full of Marxist-Leninist confusion. It was written by tapeworm camel specialists who, in the end, didn’t know what to start with. I threw things away and was convinced I’d never run into a similar mess of words again until I got Marlon Grun’s book Hate From Above, Hate From Below. I requested a review because I expected the title to provide new insights into the phenomenon, hate on the Internet, that concerns all new media users, either directly or indirectly.

On Wikipedia Marlon Grun works as a blogger who wants to bring Communism closer to his readers. The result was a book published in 2019:Communism for adults. Left consciousness and the reality of socialism. “

His latest work, which aims to analyze “how society deals with the phenomenon of pure hatred,” was written by a loyal Communist. I don’t find much about analysis, but I do find a lot about true Marxist hatred. Wikipedia summarizes the content as follows: “Depending on your preference, more diverse phenomena such as personal insult, slander, anger, provocation, art, fascism or class struggle are under the rule of” hate. ” Hatred “serves” to distract the conditions that are its cause.

‘Hate is a fruitful feeling’

My editor-in-chief from the East German publishing house “Neues Leben” once summed up an argument with me when I refused to publish hateful books for young people:

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“Hatred is a fruitful feeling. It serves the class struggle. It is one of our most productive weapons.” This is also the essence of Groen’s book. However, it is difficult to filter the message from endless nonsense. There are no real definitions, even if they are to be expected in the title, for example “the concept of hate”.

Competitive bourgeois society creates tensions in individuals, which can no longer be resolved through traditional “notions of appropriation” such as religion or ideologies. That’s why people used to go to therapists, and now they go to Facebook. Grohn considers this to be a fruitful business that everyone who expresses himself against hate on the Internet takes up. Sasha Lobo, Caroline Emky, Heiko Mas, Bohmermann von Grone get rid of fats, but Philippica is hard to read.

Of course, the right isn’t forgotten either, but Groen is also working on the left. Not only does he praise the suffering of the French Revolution, which the aristocrats want to associate with lanterns, but he refers with delight to the works of Thomas Bernard, Klaus Kinsky and Christoph Schlingenev, which “exude only with personal insults,” but also provides printed examples of where you want to puke in the face of hated people, Or even death is required. What falls under artistic freedom with the above people cannot be wrong on the network, right? After all, it has to do with the “great desire to confess”.

“The bourgeois ideology has become a bitter fighter of hate.”

Groen’s language was trained on the young Marx. As with his role model, Grohn is teeming with faecal jargon, brain rot, stupidity, etc., and is always associated with those who, according to Grohn, have a wrong opinion, like Lobo who doesn’t realize the “right to hate” above. “Those below should watch how they deal with compassion, pleading, morality, submission, and other displays of class-restorative peace … not only that long-established fanatics from above prohibit or ignore the trolls who annoy them. Antagonists or just a fool as inhuman haters, the individual’s benevolent aura shines brighter. “

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Because, as Lobo and Emcke believe, there is no climate that breeds hatred, but only one that reflects the hatred generated from above. That would be understandable. “The bourgeois ideology (editor in Springer, Taz, professor, politician, etc.) has become a bitter fighter of hate because he needs those who have been harassed so that he can distance himself from them, otherwise it will become clear how much he resembles them in his influence.”

Social media has always played a role, everyone does theirs, but there should only be a good role. By being kind, the truth is de-established – here the communist hen finds a true pill – “The reality is unfulfilled … you no longer need to go in from above if everyone is doing what they are supposed to do, so: be kind.”

Trolls today are what dolls, demons, clowns, and witches or class warriors used to be. In this sense: trolls and haters from all countries unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains, but the power of the network does gain it!

“Hate from Above, Hate from Below” by Marlon Groen, 2021, Berlin: Das New Berlin. It can be ordered here.