February 8, 2023


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Synthetic fuel production: The federal government blocks forward-looking technology

Berlin, December 21, 2022. Siemens energy And Porsche have the pilot plantHaru Oni For the production of synthetic fuels – the so-called e-fuels – in Punta Arenas, Chile It was opened by the local energy minister. In the next few years, about 55 million liters of e-fuels based on wind energy will be produced there each year. This creates a CO2 neutral fuel variant that is distributed to existing filling stations It can be used by internal combustion engines. Traffic policy spokesperson for the AfD parliamentary group Dirk Spaniel, He explains:

“While Porsche and Siemens begin high-level e-fuel production in Chile, the federal government and the European Union continue to block a CO2-neutral fuel alternative with an EU-wide ban on new combustion engine registrations from 2035 – thus they miss another important development. , the federal government and the European Union will continue Fight combustion engines and individual mobility – and thus against prosperity and freedom.

The pilot plant was not built in Germany, hostile to technology, but in Chile. Jobs and knowledge are created abroad again. Rather than ban them, the federal government should promote openness to synthetic fuel technology at the national and EU level, as the AfD parliamentary group has long demanded. The criticism that can be heard over and over again is that e-fuel cannot be produced economically Invalid, since in Germany this is mainly associated with anti-industrial and anti-consumer energy policy.

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