September 22, 2023


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SWR2 Magazine is well worth reading, including Thomas Hitchie’s new book – SWR2

SWR2 Magazine is well worth reading, including Thomas Hitchie’s new book – SWR2

With new books by Hilgard Hoag, Thomas Hitchie, Marion Bushman, Navid Kermani, and JJ Voskuil

Flight MH370 and his father’s dementia. In “Okay. Goodnight”, Hilgard Hoeg (The Rimini Protocol) tells two stories about disappearances. She is our guest.

In “Sinking Stars”, Thomas Hitchie returns to his parents’ Swiss home for the holidays. Meanwhile, only one mountain did not slide. Biographical fiction!

Shortlist for Hot List 2023 He showed up. Critic Christoph Schröder says it is political and at the same time colorful and innovative.

What should you do if a ghost friend suddenly appears to your math teacher? Marion Bushman explores this in her new novel, The Erinyes Chorus.

Next, Navid Kermani looks through his bookshelf and writes “The Alphabet for S.”

We go a little further and discuss the novel “Neighbors” by JJ Voskuil, part of the wonderful “The Office” cycle. This time he describes living with the gay neighbors upstairs.

Hilgard Hoge – Okay. Good afternoon.
Rowholt Publishing House, 160 pages, 22 euros
ISBN 978-3-498-00378-4
A conversation with author Hilgard Hoge

Thomas Hitchie – Falling Stars
Kippenhauer & Wich, 224 pages, 25 euros
ISBN 978-3-462-05080-6
Review by Wolfgang Schneider

Shortlist for hot list 2023
Comment by Christoph Schroeder

Marion Bushman – Erinyes Choir
Suhrkamp Publishing, 189 pages, 23 euros
ISBN 978-3-518-43141-2
Review by Carsten Otte

Navid Kermani – Alphabet up to S
Hanser House, 592 pages, 32 euros
ISBN 978-3-446-27745-8
Review by Alexander Wassner

JJ Voskuil – Neighbors
Translated from the Dutch by Gerd Busse
Wagenbach, 304 pages, 26 euros
ISBN 978-3-8031-3358-8
An interview with independent critic Hanna Engelmayer

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David Benoit – here, now
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