May 30, 2024


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New and changed features added in ChromeOS 124 |

New and changed features added in ChromeOS 124 |

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Starting in early May, Google made a major update for ChromeOS stable devices like Chromebooks to ChromeOS 124. Here we will summarize the functions added or changed with this update.

First, as I wrote in the previous article, the changes that can be seen at a glance are: [設定] The appearance of the application has been changed to the material you design. In addition, settings items that were a series are now separated into separate pages, allowing you to see and change only the settings you need.

A new setting item has been added here, and the function “Display window filters when split screen starts”, which previously had to be turned on and off with a flag, has been changed. [システム環境設定] > [ウィンドウとデスク]appears in the item.

When you split the screen by snapping a window to one side, candidate windows are displayed on the other side (as in overview mode).

also [ユーザーと補助機能] > [カーソルとタッチパッド]To the item [大きいマウスカーソルを表示する]This item has been added, and you can now adjust the mouse pointer size from default to large using the slider.

Another small detail is that ChromeOS 124 offers the Quality of Service (QoS) function, a technology that adjusts the order and amount of data passed to ensure stable use of services on the network.available nowIt seems that. This function is effective when playing videos or playing games, but I can't find any settings for users regarding this.

Additionally, Fast Pair now supports mice, and a notification will be displayed when a compatible mouse is put into pairing mode. This can actually be used in headphones, wireless earbuds, etc.

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The next thing to do is to check the virtual office displayed on the shelf (taskbar).[デスク名]The button size is now adjusted to the length of the text. You can now also delete notifications in the notification area with a two-finger swipe (via Chrome is open).

These are the changes we've confirmed so far, but there are likely other new features that can be used by making small changes or enabling flags. I'll add more as I notice them. We will also update you once the official release notes are available.

By the way, even though I updated my Acer Chromebook 516 GE to ChromeOS 124, the Settings app still has the previous interface. Makoto Taki who has the same model (@pcefancom) to Mr. or Mrsto be sureWhen I tried it, the new design seemed to work without any problems. I don't know if it depends on the device or account, but the design may not change even if you update the OS.