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Submit Google Spreadsheet Conversion Proposal – Jetstream Blog

Submit Google Spreadsheet Conversion Proposal – Jetstream Blog

  • Google introduces “Smart Chip” conversion suggestion function for “Google Sheets”
  • Suggest conversion to “Smart Chip” if hyperlinked text matches “Smart Chip”
  • The corresponding “smart chips” are[ملف][أشخاص][جدول زمني (تقويم Google)][YouTube][مكان (خرائط Google)]

Google announced on Friday, November 17, 2023, that it will introduce Smart Slice suggestion functionality to Google Workspace’s mass spreadsheet service, Google Sheets.

The new Smart Slide conversion suggestion function in Google Sheets will automatically convert a hyperlink to a Smart Slide when you enter hyperlinked text into a cell and the hyperlink matches the Smart Slide. This is a function that suggests converting to a “chip”. The corresponding “smart chip” can be found at[ملف][الأشخاص][الجدول (تقويم Google)][YouTube][المكان (خرائط Google)]And by clicking on[علامة التبويب]When the proposal is displayed, the smart slide can be displayed. ‘will be converted to ‘.

Smart chip conversion suggestion function.

The recently announced “Smart Chip” conversion suggestions feature for Google Sheets will be rolled out gradually to all Google users.


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