February 8, 2023


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Streamer provides a mini PC for gaming after playing Fortnite

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from: Henrik Jansen

Twitch Streamer Trymacs surprised a young viewer with an amazing gift on a live stream. After a round of Fortnite, there was a gaming PC.

Hamburg, Germany – German Twitterstreamers tremac He has attracted attention in recent months for often joining unknown players in the Battle Bus of Fortnite has increased. Back on January 14th, when Trymacs completed a round of Fortnite with a 9-year-old. Trymacs then surprised the little player with a big gift.

full name Maximilian Stemmler
known as tremac
Christmas August 19, 1994
place of birth Hamburg
Followers on Twitch 3.2 million (as of December 2022)
Followers on YouTube 2.17 million (as of December 2022)

Trymacs: A Twitch streamer meets a 9-year-old in Fortnite and gives him a gaming PC

Trymacs donates money: The encounters that Trymacs make in Fortnite aren’t always positive. His rounds feature snipers harassing Trymacs or playing badly on purpose. As soon as Trymacs finds out that fellow Fortnite players know him, he immediately leaves the lobby.

On January 14, Trymacs wanted to reward all players for good behavior. It was advertised for 50 euros. In addition to looking positive, the second condition was an epic victory in Fortnite. The player named “noskiiin0g” turned out to be a promising candidate. Trimex described the 9-year-old as “well behaved”.

Young Fortnite player receives a gaming PC: Unfortunately, the rounds ended with the young Fortnite enthusiast without a win. Only 13th place jumped for the duo. However, the Trymacs did not want to send the little boy home without a present. Shortly after the Twitch streamer revealed himself as Trymacs, the boy replied that he knew him from his YouTube shorts. Trymacs is one of the top 10 Twitch streamers in Germany.

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Trymacs: Twitch streamer offers gaming computer to 9 year old after playing Fortnite © Instagram: Trymacs

Trymacs then rewarded the 9-year-old with a €900 gaming computer. The little boy couldn’t believe his luck and only uttered a stunned “wow.” Seemingly unable to find the words, he quickly brought his older brother up to the microphone to do the talking. Trimax reveals his fortune.

Trymacs then exchanged contact details with the brother so the PC could be shipped. “Thank you Trymacs” can be heard calling out to the 9-year-old in the background. Trymacs’ timing couldn’t be better as the young Fortnite player celebrates his 10th birthday on January 17th. From his Twitch chat, Trymacs was praised for the honest work.