November 30, 2023


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Steve Harvey sorry for the tweet asking fans to name the unfunny comedian

Steve Harvey sorry for the tweet asking fans to name the unfunny comedian

Steve Harvey

Sorry for the unfunny comedic tweet…

Someone gets canned

Steve Harvey Fans asked which comedian they thought was the worst, and it seems word just got to the guy himself… because he’s apologizing.

The veteran comedian host and all-rounder jumped online with a personal video on Friday — showing him to be out in nature — addressing a recent tweet posted by his personal account. A simple question was asked… “A comedian you don’t find funny at all?”

Steve says he has official social media people handling his accounts, and insists it wasn’t him who posted it…and goes on to lament the tweet as totally negative and vile.

It’s not clear what kinds of names people responded to… but the fact that Steve felt he needed to make his/her team’s intent clear indicates that he’s getting some attention on X.

A screenshot of the since-deleted tweet shows that it has been viewed at least a million times, so people definitely saw it.

However, Steve says the explanation he gets from his handlers is that they were just trying to get some involvement…but he adds that they’ll need new business now.

u say sorry…and he’s obviously upset about the whole thing. When the move backfires. 😅

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