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“The room is very small, there is no WLAN” – strange Google reviews of the Heilbronn police force

“The room is very small, there is no WLAN” – strange Google reviews of the Heilbronn police force

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On Google, many users rate restaurants, attractions, or other facilities. Heilbronn Police also receives stars, but not always as often.

Whether it is a hotel or a restaurant, most people first look at Google reviews before going out to eat or book a flight. The snack bar next door is not only rated on Google, but also on the police. Many make fun of him and leave sarcastic comments. In addition to the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin, which are the leaders with 140 ratings, the Heilbronn police headquarters was also rated and ridiculed in the comments.

Only two police stations in Heilbronn have a 5-star rating on Google

Heilbronn is not one of the safest areas in Baden-Württemberg. Because Heilbronn Police has a relatively high elimination rate, how echo24.de already mentioned. But not everyone is satisfied with the police work in the area. This is particularly evident in Google ratings:

  • Heilbronn Police Station: 3 stars (30 reviews)
  • Heilbronn City Center Police Station: 3 stars (2 reviews)
  • Heilbronn-Böckingen Police Station: 3.5 stars (20 ratings)
  • Heilbronn Police Headquarters: 3.9 stars (17 ratings)
  • Criminal Police Consultation Center: 3.3 stars (3 reviews)
  • Böckingen Police Station: 2.5 stars (4 reviews)
  • Nekkargartash Police Station: 3.5 stars (2 ratings)
  • Sontheim Police Station: 5 stars (3 reviews)
  • Baden-Württemberg Water Police: 3 stars (2 reviews)
  • Heilbronn Water Police Station: 5 stars (2 ratings)

“Room is very small, no WiFi, no bathrooms” – Top Google Reviews for Heilbronn Police Force

but this is not all. Some people are not satisfied with a simple star rating from Google and therefore they also write Google reviews. Some of these reviews were intended to be serious, but most are mocking the Heilbronn police force. Whether it’s the water police or the criminal police counseling center, no one is spared at Google.

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Review highlights:

  • “I’ve never been there but I see them often” (1 star)
  • “Friend and helper” (5 stars)
  • “Serious company with qualified employees” (5 stars)
  • “Not recommended, the room is very small, there is no wifi, no shower, the toilet is in the bedroom (it is the only room) the bed is very hard and only cold food from unfriendly service. For 100€ a night I will never go there again. There is 1 star for the 24/7 hotline” (1 star)
  • “One call and 5 minutes later at the scene, the culprit has been arrested, hats off!” (5 stars)

Among the most prominent are: Evaluation at the Criminal Police Counseling Centre: “Service at the lowest level, nothing but expenses, thanks for the 3,000 euros in property damage and lost values! How much has your work cost the taxpayers? Although your unprofessional work of course only leads to employment, you have managed to put up hurdles On my way and causing massive financial damage as well as harming my company in the long term and sustainably.
I certainly wouldn’t abide by social rules and laws in the future if your whistle at the end didn’t make any difference to the ‘damage’. Better luck next time – you won’t get anywhere without running into the Commissioner or dirty 31s.

in Baden-Württemberg Water Police: User finds: “Other police officers are nicer” and awards a star for it. Another user immediately replied: “No, water police are nicer” — so he gave it five stars.

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