July 21, 2024


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Square Enix games perform poorly, if any, on the latest iOS releases

Square Enix games perform poorly, if any, on the latest iOS releases

Certainly Reddit Elsewhere, many gamers are complaining that some of the games that Square Enix sells on the App Store are no longer compatible with the latest iOS versions. The concern is mainly related to Final Fantasy IX which is not launched directly on some devices. According to numerous reviews on the App Store, the app displays a black screen upon launch indicating that the developer has not yet updated the app (the last update was in March 2017). Shame on a game that is always sold 22.99 euros.

Several other ports published by Square Enix are also suffering from a lack of follow-through. Final Fantasy VII is sold out € 17.99, It hasn’t been updated since 2016 and many players are complaining about various bugs. It particularly evokes a complete absence of sound or an inappropriate screen format for modern iPhones. We were able to run this version without problems on the iPad Pro 2020, as the screen was adapted even to our 12.9 ” model. However, on the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone XS Max, the app is not optimized and the unpleasant bars occupy a portion of the screen that is not incompatible To boot, but it’s still a shame to lose nearly a third of the screen especially on the tiny iPhone mini already. We haven’t noticed any audio issues.

Final Fantasy VII on iPhone 12 mini

So netizens contacted Square Enix via its customer service, which did not provide a helpful answer: He indicated to keep his game updated and gave some advice to try and solve the problem (close applications in the background, restart the device …). Some still receive an email indicating that the developers were aware and working on a patch, without further detail. Site JeuxVideo.com I also contacted Square Enix France who responded to the research “Immediately” About the problem.

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While waiting for any updates, be sure to check the dates for the latest versions when purchasing an app. Also remember that Apple offers the Payment system For this kind of situation. After filling out a short form, you will usually receive a response within 48 hours.