July 25, 2024


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Professional swimmer is looking for a vacancy in Tokyo Games by Sepultura’s voice

Professional swimmer is looking for a vacancy in Tokyo Games by Sepultura’s voice

Between June 10 and 13, the Brazilian technician dived into swimming pools in Barcelona (Spain) in search of a venue for the Tokyo Games. Sepultura’s deformed guitars and bass vocals will pack the soundtrack for the national duo’s free show.

“We have two dance designs. In the artistic routine it will be a Japanese song. The other will be Brazilian rock. We hope we shiver and show our energy,” explains sportswoman Luisa Borges

Founded in 1984, the same year art swimming became a part of the Olympic competitions in Los Angeles (USA), Sepultura Minas Gerais’ heavy metal band began to conquer audiences around the world. The style is new to Laura Micucci’s playlist.

“I admit I didn’t know it very well, before I started this choreography training. It’s not my personal taste, but swimming is a rhythm that I really like to include to convey the emotions of the music,” explains the 21-year-old athlete who completes the pair.

The duo, Laura and Louisa, also contains the Maria Bruno Reserve. “We always pick songs together. Sometimes we look for the happy and powerful songs and we make a really great mix,” says Al-Mathemi.

In the Olympics, only women compete in this sport, and the Russians are the biggest champion. In 2017, the method changed naming, switching from synchronous swimming to artistic swimming. With such heavy volume, there seems to be no obstacle capable of stopping these Brazilian artists’ path from the pool to the capital of Japan.