June 14, 2024


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SpaceX's spacecraft is preparing to take off again in June

SpaceX's spacecraft is preparing to take off again in June

SpaceX is preparing to launch the Starship spacecraft into space again. Friday, The company announced The fourth flight test of the massive missile could take place on June 5, as long as regulators approve it.

Starship was successfully launched into space during its last test flight in March, but SpaceX lost contact with the vehicle as it reentered Earth's atmosphere. The company says The booster had “lower-than-expected afterburner thrust” during re-entry, which was likely caused by “a persistently clogged filter.”

Despite this, the test still represents the first time SpaceX has been able to test the payload door in space and complete a fuel transfer demonstration. The first two Starship launches ended in fiery explosions. SpaceX first began developing Starship in 2012 as part of its goal to create a fully reusable spacecraft. Eventually, the 165-foot-long spacecraft will be able to carry crew and cargo into space.

During the next Starship flight, SpaceX will focus on the ability to return and reuse Starship and its Super Heavy booster, adding that it has made several hardware and software updates to achieve this. The fourth flight will follow a similar path to the previous flight and aims to land the spacecraft in the Indian Ocean.

The US Federal Aviation Administration still has to sign off on the next test flight, so the June 5th date has not yet been set.

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