December 6, 2021


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Space energy technology from Austria, which has been tried and tested all over the world, is finding its way into energy medicine

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At the DGEIM 2021 conference, Aquapol presented a new type of generator for positive room energy

Real photo from the Aquapol BIODISC (Photo: AQUAPOL®)

Real photo from the Aquapol BIODISC (Photo: AQUAPOL®)

Bad Solden am Taunus (pts043/28.10.2021/15:00) – On October 23 on October 24 and 24, 2021, the DGEIM 2021 conference took place at the H + Hotel in Bad Solden am Taunus (Germany). The German Society for Energy and Information Medicine eV – DGEIM for short – was founded in 1999 and represented as the first Chairman of the Board by Professor Hendrik Triugott, Radiologist.

DGEIM deals with alternative energy medicine, which usually operates independently or in addition to medicine that is dominated by pharmaceuticals.

The adage “the mind heals the body and not the other way around” actually says all about the state of energy medicine. Therefore, energy medicine can enhance the self-healing powers of the human mind.

Space energy and hydrogen in the Earth’s core provide major side effects with a new type of generator

The multi-award winning AQUAPOL® room energy technology was introduced by inventor and naturalist Ing. Wilhelm Mohorn in his lecture “Interesting Medical Side Effects of the AQUAPOL® System” for an interested professional audience – consisting of clinicians and alternative practitioners. The “clockwise hydrogen field” emanating from the AQUAPOL® generator causes many sometimes inexplicable positive phenomena and amazing side effects.

Mr. Ing.Mohorn summarized the many positive biological/medical side effects, also in vitro, of which the AQUAPOL® wall dehumidifiers and BIOFELD generator have caused approximately 56,000 times the side effects in more than 40 countries worldwide since 1985. Among the best known reference projects of AQUAPOL® is the Parliament of Budapest, the Retau Castle (Styria) or the Automobile Museum in Stockerau.

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The “Taurus space regions” around the generator (see diagram), which were discovered in 1992 and hypothesized, can be verified indirectly by various parameters under laboratory conditions.


More information about the BIOFELD generator to reduce geological interference fields:

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