December 6, 2021


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Intel Introduces XeSS Resampling Technology in Video on Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker

By choosing The Riftbreaker to promote its solution, Intel is in direct opposition to AMD’s FSR.

Intel’s next graphics solutions, including Alchemist GPUs expected early next year, will be able to rely on a downsampling technology called XeSS to Xe Super Sampling. On the occasion of Intel Innovation 2021, the company released the first video dedicated to XeSS.

Intel is showing its technology in action on the Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker games. An expected option for the former, as the company has been a partner of IO Interactive for several months. On the other hand, the second, developed by Exor Studios, served as a showcase for AMD, which it used to promote FSR (Ultra-precision Fidelity FX) in June. With this choice, Intel is paving the way for direct comparisons, indicating that the company has confidence in its solution compared to AMD’s. Anyway, in this video, Intel puts opposing images in 1080p and then 4K after that Upgrade via XeSS. Unfortunately, the video uploaded by Intel is only 1080p; A 4K version should be introduced in the coming days (we’ll update the article if that’s the case).

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For Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs

In order to drive rapid adoption of XeSS, Intel implemented the XeSS DeVMesh Early Access Program that allows developers to test XeSS integration. In principle, XeSS takes a somewhat open approach that makes it more like AMD’s FSR than NVIDIA’s DLSS, which requires an RTX graphics card with Tensor cores. As a result, Intel’s solution should work with its own GPUs but also with those of AMD and NVIDIA.

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