September 22, 2023


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Soulframe: The epic journey through nature, magic, and technology begins in 2024

Soulframe: The epic journey through nature, magic, and technology begins in 2024

brief overview:

  • Soulframe is expected to be released at the end of 2024
  • Current game development with regular developer streams
  • Influences and themes related to nature, reforestation, and exploration
  • Open world concept with an emphasis on melee weapons and melee magic
  • Speculation about publishing and cross platform

The birth of “Soulframe”

After the success of Warframe, developer DE announced a new project: “soul frame”. Development is just beginning, but there is speculation that the game could start in late 2024. Project lead Steve Sinclair attracted attention when he came Twitter I talked about possible closed alpha tests next year.

Under the influence of nature and technology

“Soulframe” surprises by changing the atmosphere. The focus is on topics such as nature, reforestation, and exploration. Inspired by movies like “Princess Mononoke” and “The Neverending Story”, the game has a deep focus on the environment. the official Soulframe Twitter feed Already full of images of nature and wildlife, underscoring the new theme.

Soulframe vs Warframe: differences and similarities

Although Soulframe and Warframe aren’t set in the same universe, the team is working on easter eggs and connections to tie both games together. Soulframe is designed as an open world game, unlike the smaller missions in early Warframe. Players can stay in the open world at all times and not be sent back to their spaceship between missions like in “Warframe”.

Day and night in the game world

The world in Soulframe will change throughout the day and there may be procedural generation of cavern networks under the world. This refers to a dynamic and immersive game world.

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Weapons and magic

Soulframe will be more of a slow-paced game with an emphasis on melee weapons and melee magic. Players can look forward to intense battles.

Future release platforms and crossover

Soulframe release platforms have yet to be announced, but given Warframe’s history, a PC version is likely. Console versions, especially for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, also expected. There is still disagreement over whether “Soulframe” will support cross-play, as “Warframe” was only recently implemented with the PS5.

Summary and forecast

“Soulframe” promises an exciting development. We’ll continue to update on Soulframe’s development and until then, look forward to gameplay and other engaging topics.

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