July 21, 2024


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Sonic Rangers: We know more about the gameplay

Sonic Rangers: We know more about the gameplay

Ago Next Sonic game, Possible His name is Sonic Rangers, Which was recently announced by SEGA to celebrate its 30th anniversary symbolic mascot, and very little is known about the title. However, Some players claim to have early access to the game And provide lots of information about how to play Sonic Rangers. Definitely, We must take the items that dropouts come up with very carefully. However, leaks reported on the ResetERA forum indicate this Sonic Rangers takes charge of an open-world RPG.

A tower system to detect points of interest in Sonic Rangers? – Credit (s): Reset the times
Sonic Rangers will be an open-world RPG
Sonic Rangers is said to be an open-world RPG – Credit (s): Reset Era

If the rumors are to be believed, then Michael Jackson inspired the blue hedgehog So you must be back in an open world RPG The borrowed gameplay is well known to gamers Such as a skill tree, solving puzzles, gaining combat experience, or even exploring via a tower system (as is the case in Ubisoft in particular). Obviously, all of this will be confirmed or denied by Sega In the coming weeks. However, a Sonic Rangers in an open world and RPG style The lossless saga can be expected to revive for many years now.

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