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Sonic Rangers: Takashi Isuka opens up about her expectations for the next title

sports news Sonic Rangers: Takashi Isuka opens up about her expectations for the next title

During its Sonic Central event on May 27, Seka gave an overview of the festivities that players have been waiting for to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the rapid blue hedgehog. Between a package and a remaster announcement, we learned of the existence of a new chapter.

On this occasion, Takashi Isuka, the leader of the Sonic team, who works as a producer in the series games, expressed confidence in the microphone Sonic Stadium. If the global interview is to be seen on June 23, some juices are already available.

We are especially aware that Takashi Isuka for the new title Sonic is full of ambitions. Sonic Rangers, Will be released in 2022. He wants this topic to balance that influence Sonic record Throughout the owner, and mark the players permanently.

The new title in development is advancing towards the 2022 release, so I can’t really say that this is an “anniversary” title. However, since the release of Sonic Adventure has laid the foundation for twenty years of Sonic titles, I hope that this new title, which will be released in 2022, will lay the foundation for future Sonic installments – the idea team behind this challenge. – Takashi Isuka

If not much can be said about the title at this time, Takashi Isuka justified this Opus announcement, which is scheduled for 2022, because of the disappointment caused by the Sonic Forces game. He wanted to reassure fans by giving them positive news about the future of the license.

As this topic is still under development I can not comment on it, but I would like to say that the development team has dedicated their time to doing something new and exciting. Through more trial and error, the team tends to introduce everyone to a new Sonic game, and I hope your loving support for their mission will motivate them to accept this challenge. – Takashi Isuka

As mentioned above, this new Sonic title is expected in 2022 PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch And PS5. However, possible details or the title of this new installment have not yet been officially released.

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