November 30, 2021


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News |  Canada: A meteorite landed on its bed at midnight

News | Canada: A meteorite landed on its bed at midnight

This is definitely the biggest fear of his life. The facts take place on the night of October 1st to 2nd. A resident of British Columbia was awakened by a deafening noise. “The dog began to barkHe tells CTV News Vancouver, which was broadcast in France by several media outlets, including Lee Figaro. Suddenly there was an explosion“.

Then she finds a hole. “The size of a fist“On her roof. After alerting emergency services, she found a stone on the pillow.”Black and smooth“. Many witnesses claim to have come for the interview.”Shiny ball in the skyPolice point out that the meteor fell on the bed of the frightened woman.

Meteors that fall to Earth occur again and again. But from there it was very rare to see her fall into bed. According to the Canadian media, “The chance of a meteorite hitting his house is 1 in 4 trillion“.

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