February 22, 2024


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SLG Training Battle “Numinos ~Demigod Alchemists~” Android Version Released etc ~ This Week's Indie/Indie Game Topics – Mogura Games

SLG Training Battle “Numinos ~Demigod Alchemists~” Android Version Released etc ~ This Week's Indie/Indie Game Topics – Mogura Games

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In this corner, we'll be featuring free-to-play and indie games topics from the past week captured by the author and editorial department every Saturday. There are two topics this week.

The Android version of the SLG training battle “Numinos ~Demigod Alchemists~” has been released.

RenosTraining battle simulation game created by Mr.Android version “Numinos ~Demigod Alchemists~”.It has been published. You can play for free, and under certain conditions, ads will be shown when you save.

A work in which up to five alchemists are trained towards the imminent “end.” It is possible to give different instructions to each alchemist in each turn, such as leveling up, learning magic, fighting enemies, etc., and how to efficiently progress in parallel training within the maximum number of turns until the “end”. These are the main points.

Combat is the main way to increase the number of new magics you can learn, and you can choose who to fight from among three groups of enemies while checking what you'll get from victory. The battle system is a type of command selection that shows the order of actions of enemies and allies on a timeline, and features an element in which “demigod magic” is automatically activated and a character becomes “divine” by fulfilling different conditions for each character during battle. A deified character's status increases, and in exchange for deification, they can use powerful Awakening Magic.

Activation conditions for Demigod magic range from easy to activate, such as “consuming a certain amount of MP during battle”, to difficult, such as “rendering the user unable to fight”. In addition to its effects, it greatly characterizes the character.

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When you finish the game, you can register for an online ranking with points based on your training content, in addition to receiving rewards such as increasing the initial status, there are also recurring items such as “Inheritance of Thought” that can be selected at the beginning of the game. There is also a mode where you can use data from clearing the game to challenge yourself in a battle-only survival mode which is extremely difficult.

This work was released in July last year.Browser versionReleased, the Android version is “a new version specifically for Android.”

A short non-field RPG “Archia Medica” has been released.

Deep sea treeOn February 1st, he announced the short, non-field RPG “Arshia medicaIt was released as a free game.

Battle-centered action where the main character, Alkia, an apothecary, struggles to obtain medicinal herbs that can only be found in unexplored areas. Combat is a turn-based one-on-one command selection type, with a system that predicts enemy actions, a skill that allows you to take another action without expending a turn, and 1.5x attack power when affected by a status anomaly attack.Features such as specs.

After defeating the enemy, you will be presented with several new skills to learn one of them, making it a feat that allows you to enjoy the strategic battles even though it only takes a few battles to finish.