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Significantly reduced fall rate: Smart technology for patient safety has been successfully introduced at Herz Gesu Hospital

Significantly reduced fall rate: Smart technology for patient safety has been successfully introduced at Herz Gesu Hospital

The innovative software with 3D sensors aims to support nursing staff in preventing falls in hospitals using artificial intelligence (AI).

Vienna (OTS) Herz Hospital Gesø Vienna has introduced the pioneering system “cogvisAI – Intelligent Care Solution” for fall prevention and detection, which is unparalleled in acute medicine. This innovative system uses the latest technology to protect patients from falls and its effectiveness has now been successfully tested at Herz Gesu Hospital for a year.

“CogvisAI uses a combination of 3D sensors and artificial intelligence to detect and analyze movements in space and trigger an alarm in critical situations,” explains Michael Jani, Nursing Director at Herz Gesu Hospital. The three mobilization phases: standing, sitting up and getting up, which the software recognizes, are also complemented by a virtual bed bar. If the patient wants to leave the bed, an alarm is triggered immediately. In addition to this audio warning, nursing staff can access visuals that show silhouettes and movements (see image). The smart care solution can also detect absences.

Individual adaptation to the patient’s needs

Patient safety is always our top priority and data protection is strictly adhered to. “Our technology ensures that patients are never photographed or recorded and therefore cannot be identified. The visualizations are created by measuring distances in space and are vaguely reminiscent of the representation of a thermal imaging camera,” Jani emphasizes. The system can be individually adapted to suit the patient’s needs, depending on his or her movement pattern and personal risk level. Since the system can recognize the three stages of mobilization, absence and fall, rapid intervention is enabled and patient safety is significantly increased.

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The fall rate decreased significantly
After a year-long practical test in the hospital’s acute geriatrics and remobilization department, the new fall prevention system was found to be highly effective. “We saw a significant reduction in the rate of falls by about a third, which is especially important for our older patients with limited mobility,” Jani explains. Older adults whose mobility is severely restricted are often at particular risk of falling.

The nursing staff is largely satisfied
However, the benefits of the system extend not only to patients, but also have a significant impact on caregivers. “Our staff benefit greatly from this technology as fall prevention and detection has become significantly more efficient. This significantly reduces the stress and workload on nurses. Every fall usually means additional work, from initiating investigations through to overall care. By preventing falls “Less nursing care is needed, resulting in a faster response and an increased sense of security for our caregivers.”

Significant cost savings
In addition, successful fall prevention results in significant cost savings to the health care system, as additional treatment costs and subsequent damage are reduced.
The Director of Nursing announces: “We will now expand the system to all inpatient and conservative wards. It will be implemented in all beds in order to use the system at any time where there is a need. This is a major advance and an important step towards safe and effective patient care, which we are very happy about.”

Caption: Cogvis – new software that demonstrates how artificial intelligence works in the daily work of a hospital

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Image credits: Sacred Heart Hospital

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