June 13, 2024


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Siemens helps Volkswagen expand the freight network

Siemens helps Volkswagen expand the freight network

In cooperation with Siemens, Volkswagen wants to significantly expand the US charging network for electric cars. (Photo: Volkswagen)

In this context, Siemens will also acquire an ownership stake in a subsidiary of its American subsidiary Volkswagen and a seat on its board of directors. “The goal is to double America’s charging infrastructure by 2026 and to 1,800 locations and 10,000 fast charging devices To expand”explained Thomas Schmol, Chief Technology Officer at Volkswagen. Then almost all US states should be covered. I spoke about Veronica Beinert of Siemens Financial Services “One of the greatest investments” For your company in electric mobility. It should be about charging hardware and software for electronic vehicles. Offers are open to customers of all car manufacturers.

Electrify America was initially founded in response to the Volkswagen diesel scandal. One of the central requirements of the US authorities after the investigation was that the German car company should take part in major projects to increase environmentally friendly traffic in the USA. $2 billion will be invested over a decade. Domestic manufacturer Ford also wants to use the Electrify America network when expanding public charging points. Online giant Amazon has been involved in the plans since the end of 2019. He is supposed to sell devices to charge at home.

Volkswagen wants to produce more electric models in the US in the coming years. In Europe, the group cooperates with the expansion of the freight network with the Ionity consortium on motorways and main roads, among others, as well as with the BP Petroleum Terminals group.

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