June 25, 2022


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[Shohei Yamada's Re: config.sys]The end of the era of window magnification and how to use the screen - computer watch

[Shohei Yamada’s Re: config.sys]The end of the era of window magnification and how to use the screen – computer watch

Different screens are used depending on the place, scene, and purpose of the computer. Some are built-in, like laptops, and others are externally fixed. The screen is used in the right place for many scenes, but the way it is used is gradually changing.

Use both big and small

The combination of a compact 14-inch monitor, which is a laptop screen, and a large external monitor is appropriate. Use the notebook’s built-in keyboard and pointing device for input, and connect a fixed screen to the outside. I think the size should be bigger than the laptop screen, but in some cases, you can dare to choose the same size as the laptop.

Projection screen with a laptop built in, hold the connected screen at an angle to use it for another purpose. Since only one person operates a computer, there is only one screen the other person can use at a time. Therefore, a master-slave relationship is always created for two or more monitors.

In the past, when it came to multiple screens, I often wanted 3-4 screens, but these days I can use large screens, but that’s not the case. I also feel that the build of the app itself is changing. In the past, apps that maximized the entire screen were used, but now the screen is split into windows and multiple apps can be used at the same time.

Ordinary applications can be classified into several categories. When using a computer, all applications want to display the window all the time, and basically the content in the window is updated from time to time. The update may be your hand, or it may be the cloud.

For example, email lists, social media timelines, messaging app chats, online conferencing, and web networks. In addition, as an interactive playback application, there is a folder window for a browser, an explorer, a timeline, and the like.

And an application to read and write the meter. It’s what’s called a production app, and the bottom line is Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Often times, these apps don’t need a large window for the entire content creation story. For tasks such as writing report documents in a focused manner, a 14-inch screen on a laptop is sufficient. To lay it out beautifully, you might want a screen big enough to display the entire page at once, but it doesn’t really matter if it’s small while working on the actual content.

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Split narrow desktops into subparts

Now, the main stream of outdoor monitors are 23.8, 27, 31.5, 42.5 types. For sizes larger than 24 inches, I want a panel with a higher resolution than Full HD. Windows is expected to display 100% in 23-inch Full HD. This is because the display size of characters etc is too big for a Full HD screen with 27, 31.5 and 42.5 inches because display reduction is not possible.

Now, the available environment is 3 4K (27Types (150%), 28Types (150%), 42.5Types (125%)) with DisplayPort connection, and one Full HD with HDMI connection (15.6Type (150%)).%) ) Connected. It is a deluxe 4 screen system. Weekly calendar for 15.6 type, email and SNS for 28 types, condensed view of apps like Teams and Zoom for 27 types. Type 42.5 is a massive work desk. Open a content creation window, folder window, browser window, etc.

Initially, I tried to connect four monitors using the Thunderbolt 4 port and the docking port, but I was experiencing temporary screen outages and couldn’t stand it, so I introduced a video card. With that, my concerns were immediately resolved, and the show stopping phenomenon disappeared at all. this time,ASUS Phoenix GeForce RTX 3050 8GB CardHowever, I think it is a realistic solution to buy a low cost trolley to maintain a stable connection.

Both screens and windows have user-friendly sizes. In particular, given that the window is a document with content printed on the screen, it is important that the characters in the text are read and written without any disturbance. In this case, the standard is a realistic A4 paper size and the size of the letters printed on it.

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If the size exceeds 23.8 inches, A4 vertical documents can be viewed at approximately actual size. There is no problem in landscape mode. Usability is determined by the number of areas that can be secured, but it is not always good if there are a lot of them.

It is often said that long horizontal screens are wasted on both sides, but long documents can be viewed side by side by opening the same file in two windows.

For example, open a file with today’s agenda in two windows, one to jot down the agenda and one to jot down the minutes of the current meeting as a continuation of the appointment. In Word, in the View menu[ウィンドウ]And the,[新しいウィンドウを開く]Then another window will open the same document.

There is some debate that overlapping windows are good, but if you don’t want to waste even a single point on your screen, simply tile the window.

The important thing is that even a window size much smaller than A4 portrait or A4 landscape will help.

Next, let’s check the size of the app you are using. Open your regular app, open the content you wrote in the past, and check how small the window is.

Most of the site content displayed on the browser becomes responsive, and even when creating documents in Word, etc., a response can be read and written using the web layout function. You don’t have to work in full screen mode like you used to.

Also, actively use the snap-window layout functionality that has been implemented in the latest Windows. This feature uses the three buttons in the upper right corner of the window, the one between the minimize and close buttons.

Previously, the button in this position was the “Maximize (restore original size)” button, which is still the same, but when you move the mouse pointer over the button, layout suggestions are displayed, so you can position it as you like Click on the size that makes the window of this size. The layout is also displayed on Windows + Z and can be selected with the arrow keys. Can the content in the window be read and written well when the window is displayed in the layout of your choice?

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The layout provided will differ slightly depending on the number of effective pixels on the desktop, but let’s check if the window is useful in each area. If the layout doesn’t look right, PowerToysFancyZones الأداةIf you use something like this together, you can respond more accurately.

Windows that make the most out of windows

If you make good use of these functions, I think it is sufficient to have two large screens and one small screen, even in an environment where it would have been better to have several screens before. Having multiple monitors is convenient because it was easy to get the most out of this area. But now I rarely use windows max.

So, if you are in a user-friendly environment, you can comfortably work with two monitors, a 15.6-inch portable HD monitor and a 42.5-inch 4K monitor. The top of the Type 42.5 is a bit high and can be hard to look at, so it looks like it is of the Type 31.5.

However, the screen is not wide enough when I have a Teams or Zoom meeting, do some research on the web, receive another email during that time, and need to check my SNS. In particular, online communication tools, whether it’s Teams or Zoom, should not assume maximizing and occupying the entire screen. In order to secure the reserved seat in addition to everyday life, I would like to put a spare screen for this.

When it comes down to it, I’ve never been able to use it well for task switching and virtual desktops. Next time, let’s dig deeper into the tasks and windows.