June 18, 2024


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Series reboot should be the highlight of the P55 in 2024 – mobiFlip.de

Series reboot should be the highlight of the P55 in 2024 – mobiFlip.de

It's been a rather mediocre start to the PS5 year with the recent State of Play, and if Astro Bot had been deleted, the event wouldn't have been worth it in my opinion. But there's Astro Bot which is a real highlight.

At least for me, who loves Astro's Playroom on PS5 and plays it over and over again, I didn't reinstall it until after Astro Bot was announced. Astro Bot is said to go beyond the demo and be a “full adventure.”

Astro Bot will be a reboot for the brand

Sony is promising a AAA game without microtransactions, but unfortunately also without a PSVR2 option, this was a good shot. Astro Bot itself is a “very, very big toy,” the developers at Asobi said in an interview with EW.

With Astro Bot, the small studio not only wants to “go one level up,” they also want to go “several levels up.” It's about telling Astro's big story. Astro Bot is a “reboot” of the brand on the Sony PlayStation.

Astro Bot 20241 monitor

This is exactly what I wanted after Astro's Playroom when the PS5 launched and it looks like it's coming true. Six galaxies, 80 planets, 300 robots to save, and tons of guest appearances, it's going to be a “PlayStation Fiesta.”

At this point, I'm hoping Asobi delivers and we get exactly what we expect in September. Let's see if we can get more gameplay as part of all the gaming events in June.

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