June 14, 2024


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His gaming PC unexpectedly caught fire because he ignored one of the most important rules in building a computer

His gaming PC unexpectedly caught fire because he ignored one of the most important rules in building a computer

A gamer shows pictures of his burning gaming PC and wants to know why it burned out. It seems that the “culprit” was quickly found.

A burning computer is initially a horror image. A gamer recently came across a photo of a burned out gaming PC On Reddit He got involved and wanted to know what he did wrong. Most of the components can still be clearly seen in the photo, especially the completely burned out cables. Other users first have to find a hidden bug so they can use their computers.

Who caused the fire in the computer? At first glance, many people immediately notice the power source and many people think that the problem lies with the computer. Because the model is from a completely unknown manufacturer and otherwise does not look trustworthy.

The power supply in particular may have been the cause of the fire: a user from the community explained to him that he may have unintentionally overloaded his power supply and that the power supply could not handle the overload. Important valves are often not available on cheap models. After the overload the fire finally started:

I shorted the power supply and no fail safe occurred. The current in the 12 volt rail continued to rise until it was hot enough to start a fire.

However, many people find that the biggest problem is purchasing a power supply that is too cheap. If he had invested in a high-quality, popular product, he would not have suffered a complete loss. So other players add:

  • “If you save something, it should never be the power supply.”
  • “As we can only assume: the cheap power supply that should have been called 'Firestarter'.”
  • “Of all the parts you buy when building a computer, you should never buy a cheap power supply. This is one of the most important rules when building a computer. It is almost certainly the power supply that caused the fire.”

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Don't save money on purchasing a power supply for your future gaming PC

It is better to buy a high-quality power supply: An unprotected power supply is the most dangerous element of the system. Without protection, power supply components can fail and destroy the rest of the system. I saw an example of how to terminate a player system on reddit. It is no coincidence that many gamers say that one of the most important rules in building computers is to avoid cheap power supplies at all costs.

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Each power supply must be equipped with three important fuses:

  • Short circuit protection (short circuit protection, SCP for short): aims to prevent the power supply or other components from being damaged in the event of a short circuit.
  • Overload Protection (Over Power Protection, OPP for short): If the power supply is overloaded, this should cause the power supply to turn off on its own. Perhaps this is exactly what was missing in this case where the computer burned down.
  • Overcurrent and undercurrent protection (over/undercurrent protection, U/OCP for short): This is intended to protect the power supply and components from excessive voltage drops or surges.

Basically, we recommend going with a well-known and reputable manufacturer if you want to purchase a power supply. When purchasing, also make sure that the power supply is not damaged and that all safety signs are present. If an overload or problem is suspected, in the worst case, your computer will shut down or just cut off the power supply.

More about energy sources: Another player also discovers how dangerous incorrect use of the power supply is. The player purchases a new case and power supply. He complains loudly that his old cable no longer fits the computer. The community is horrified and distraught that things could have ended so badly: the player buys a new power supply and complains that the cable doesn't fit – not realizing that he almost burned down his apartment