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Sensors for sustainability: Resource-efficient operation of the ice rink thanks to ice thickness measurement

Sensors for sustainability: Resource-efficient operation of the ice rink thanks to ice thickness measurement

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press office: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, D-80807 Munich
category: Office and company date: March 1, 2024
Sensors for sustainability: Resource-efficient operation of the ice rink thanks to ice thickness measurement
To reduce energy consumption, VELTINS EisArena uses Fujitsu's IoT technology.

By monitoring the ice cover and automatically controlling the cooling elements, ideal training conditions are created for the athletes at the VELTINS Ice Arena in Winterberg – and energy consumption is reduced. However, thanks to Fujitsu's comprehensive co-design approach, this initiative has not only been successfully implemented.

Sustainability in concept, expertise and experience

Operating a resource-efficient ice rink © Marc Niemeier

Sustainability is now mandatory and no longer just a nice-to-have: customers are looking more closely at where products come from and how they are produced. Applicants and employees expect their company to be environmentally and socially responsible. Last but not least, lawmakers around the world are also tightening their oversight.

For their company, managers must ask themselves: How can I achieve my sustainability goals, and how do I get this right? Sustainability projects often have to be thought about and implemented across departments, which makes them complex. Therefore, rapid and effective implementation is not a guaranteed success.

Learn from successes

For your sustainability projects, count on a partner who has been pursuing and implementing ambitious sustainability goals for over twenty years – and who has proven to have provided extensive support to many companies on very different sustainability projects. some examples:

VELTINS Ice Arena in Winterberg

Thanks for one Continuous ice thickness measurement using several sensors Energy consumption can be greatly reduced and ice quality greatly increased.

Plant water

Using blockchain technology with Fujitsu Track and Trust service Ensures that water purifiers and retailers ensure water is produced sustainably.


the Use smart technologies It makes the challenging race track at the Nürburgring safer and modernizes the working environment for track safety personnel.

Project expertise and technology from a single source

Sustainability in concept, expertise and experience

© Adobe Stock #439318664

A successful sustainability initiative does not rely solely on technology, methodology, data analysis or artificial intelligence. It is important to involve the entire company and manage the project successfully. It is also important to be able to draw on technical expertise in order to identify improvement possibilities and develop appropriate solutions.

This is where the Fujitsu Uvance comes into play. Through this cohesive approach, Fujitsu has fully dedicated itself to sustainability. Here we combine our many years of experience in innovative technologies related to computing, networking, data analysis, artificial intelligence, convergence and security with our commercial expertise in a wide range of business areas and industries. Based on your company data, we link your different operations in different company areas.

From imagination to practice

Many companies have already developed ideas and methods for achieving greater sustainability and want to take the next step towards concrete implementation. All stakeholders should be involved and motivated to move the project forward.

Fujitsu Co-Design Workshop brings everyone together at the same table. With our experience in a variety of projects, we provide an objective, outside-in view. We also use creative methods like design thinking to leverage potential. In the form of dialogue and workshops, we work with you to develop innovative solutions for concrete implementation: so that your sustainability story becomes a reality.

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