May 30, 2024


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Security and the added value of operational digitization

Security and the added value of operational digitization

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New generative AI applications support the digital transformation of companies. UKA International Group relies on multilingual development from Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems.

(red/chuck) Creating new value through the digitalization of business processes and analytical management of the associated data currently plays an important role in many companies. The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly linked to digital transformation, and there are now more and more operational solutions.

One application is generative artificial intelligence, which consists of educational software modules for autonomous solution approaches and knowledge-based systems. Natural language input, pattern analyzes and predictions, as well as data management control are included among the AI ​​elements.

Multilingual AI solution
One of the popular AI applications is ChatGPT and here too there are more and more business solutions with natural language processing. By using generative AI tools such as Business GPT, companies can reduce the effort spent on repetitive tasks, speed up workflow, thus increasing added value and creating space for innovation or new business models.
An example is UKA International Group, a renewable energy developer with a focus on wind and photovoltaic systems. The main area of ​​application of the Multilingual AI Business GPT application is effective search and information gathering in daily work as well as content creation. The browser-based Business GPT is built to the company's own design and is accessible via the UKA Group's intranet.

New use cases
“With this business GPT tool, we can enable our employees around the world to test use cases for AI language models in a secure environment and use them profitably. This is what I call real innovation,” says Christian Schmidt, Head of IT and Digitalization at UKA Group.

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The AI ​​solution is developed by Deutsche Telekom on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and individual data protection regulations, and takes place via a flexible, privately secured cloud environment. New use cases can now also be tested with individual specialist departments in the UKA Group via individually usable interfaces.

New business model
The Business GPT application was originally developed for internal use by employees of Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems as a business IT subsidiary. Following successful internal implementation, this is also being offered externally to other companies and UKA Group has won as a pilot client.

“Improving value creation through sustainable process improvement is the main focus of digitalisation. With the ability to process large amounts of data from the past and create model proposals for the future, AI can create Extra added value here.”

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