May 21, 2024


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Robotics, Teamwork and Technology – Dornbirn

Robotics, Teamwork and Technology – Dornbirn

Participation was a special experience for HTL students Emanuel A., Leonard Ramersdorfer, Danielle Fink, Nate Ganteuler and Mihai Muskalo with teacher and coach Simon Mantler.

HTL Dornbirn successfully participated in the Botball competition.

Dornbirn. Botball is an educational program and competition in which students design, build and program robots to solve various tasks on the playground. It enhances skills in technology, programming, teamwork, and problem solving.

“Botball is not only an exciting competition, but also an excellent opportunity for students to learn and improve important skills,” explains department head Norbert Linz from HTL Dornbirn. “By participating in botball, young people can deepen their knowledge in the fields of technology, IT, mathematics and engineering.”

Practical challenge

Students must find creative solutions to complex problems by programming their robots so that they can successfully complete the tasks at hand. Their skills in the areas of logic, problem solving and critical thinking are tested and developed. Botball also encourages teamwork as students have to work together in groups to design, build and program their own robots. You will learn to communicate effectively, exchange ideas, and work together to find a solution. “These skills are important not only in botball competitions, but also in later professional life,” Linz emphasizes.

For students at HTL Dornbirn, participating in this year's Botball was a unique and enriching experience. This year also, Blum, as the main sponsor, made it possible for the school to participate in the campaign. Thus, Nate Ganteuler, Daniel Fink, Emanuel Ihe, Leonard Ramersdorfer, and Mihai Muskalo from the fourth year in Business Information Technology were recently able to travel to Vienna to participate in the competition organized by the Association for the Promotion of Young Scientific and Technical Talents through Robotics.

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Norbert Linz was proud: “Our team placed 4th out of 30 teams. There were teams from all federal states and even international teams (including from Beijing) at the start, and it was once again an inspiring event that encourages young people to develop their potential and get excited about the future in Fields of technology and engineering (9th century)