June 13, 2024


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KWB doubles production capacity | Heating technology | Technique

For more than 25 years, KWB, a leader in Styria, has been shaping the market for climate-friendly technologies and advocating a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation. Thanks to the European Green Deal and the associated legal measures “stay away from oil”, this development has spread throughout Europe. KWB noted this simply because its high-tech heating solutions are currently in great demand. The systems are particularly suitable for comfort oil heaters, as they are easy to use, smart and should contribute to sustainably reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“In the past few years, we have developed more and more boiler manufacturing company into a comprehensive solution provider for heating systems. The Green Deal frees Europe from the constraints of fossil fuels, reinforcing a clear commitment to renewable energies and thus towards our systems. In 2021 alone, we will invest 10 million euros and double our capacity. Productivity in order to be able to meet the growing demand for KWB solutions, ”says KWB’s General Manager, Helmut Matching. “The Green Deal measures are not only good for the environment, it also creates jobs!” The investment is underway in an expansion of the St. Margareten / Rab site, which will enable KWB to double its production capacity. The plant, which is being built according to environmental principles, is scheduled to start operating in August 2021. “Through this construction, we have ensured that carbon dioxide is permanently stored through the use of wood. The space consumption is still low thanks to the two-storey partial implementation. Matching explains.

Additionally, the technology leader has invested heavily in digitization for years, setting new rules in the market. “As a medium-sized company, the virtual world provides us with the same opportunities as the big players, because it is our shortcut for our clients,” says Matching. “In the past, maintaining a system without personally being on site was necessary for international markets only.” Die Lockdowns in den vergangenen Monaten haben nun auch bei unseren österreichischen Kundinnen und Kunden Begeisterung für die digitalen Kontakte ausgelöst. , um einen virtuellen Schauraum zu eröffnen, in dem Kunden ortsungebunden Online-Beratungen in Anspruch nehmen In addition, KWB has been able to open new markets with the help of digital capabilities and win New Zealand as a new partner. This means that the company is represented on all five continents.

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KWB continuously invests in product development and at the same time has expanded its portfolio extensively in order to be able to offer all components to supply self-sufficient energy in the future. The expansion not only increases the production capacity of KWB, but also creates new jobs. . These should be filled with people who want to make a difference: “We are always looking for employees who are passionate about renewable energy, are excited to discover new horizons and enjoy doing meaningful work. Because at KWB we work green on the Green Zone – and that is according to international standards,” Matching concludes, noting Software developers are currently striving to advance the field of digitization even further.