June 13, 2024


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Schenker XMG Neo 16 E23 in laptop test: with RTX 4090 on the gaming throne

Schenker XMG Neo 16 E23 in laptop test: with RTX 4090 on the gaming throne

The main thing is a lot of gaming performance: the Schenker XMG Neo 16 E23 delivers on this promise and keeps its word. Responsible is the correspondingly powerful and noisy cooling, which manages to permanently maintain the performance of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

It can do this even without the optional water cooling, which can bump up the gaming performance of the system by a few percentage points. Without the XMG Oasis, as the little box is called, a good pair of headphones should be standard equipment.

In terms of gaming performance, there is hardly any way to beat the XMG Neo 16 E23. The loud laptop properly runs even the most complex games, but remains only average when it comes to other equipment.

And given the Neo 16’s loudness anyway, shrill keystrokes on a mechanical keyboard don’t matter much. Gentle counter-pressure, precise scrolling and particularly fast inputs are ideal for gaming laptops.

Aside from outstanding frame rates across all the games we tested, the laptop requires some compromises, albeit at a high level. The screen is only average in terms of color representation, contrast, and brightness, but it still delivers a frame rate of 240Hz. Given the computing power, in theory at least, a higher refresh rate could have been achieved.

The case is unimpressive with a lot of plastic. Lighting can be assessed in a similar way. The keyboard and light bar on the back only offer a few effects and have slight issues with the colors you choose.

Otherwise, the equipment remains rather modest. Webcam, speakers, SSD: all sufficient to do their job, but the competition offers more, especially in the high-end segment.

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The reward for this focus on fps in games alone is a sweet spot in our gaming ranking, at just over €4,000. Even the plentiful MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI can’t quite keep up, but for €6,000 it offers a better overall package. The real alternative, with slightly lower gaming performance as well, is the Razer Blade 16 Early 2023. This is more expensive, but offers a small LED display and THX-certified speakers. It’s also half as loud as the XMG gaming laptop.