June 4, 2023


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Test Teufel ZOLA – powerful gaming headset with surround sound

Teufel ZOLA base is available in white or black. Color comes into play when deciding on a matching outfit. In addition to soft light and dark gray, soft red (coral red) and strong yellow (golden amber) are also available. It gets livelier with the “Grape & Aqua” or “Teal & Lime” combinations, the latter being our tester. The set is chosen directly at the time of purchase, each additional set costs 30 euros. This includes the ear pads, matching covers, and microphone protector. Of course, variables can also be combined with each other.

ZOLA base is made of aluminum and plastic and makes a very solid and valuable impression. The foam ear cushions are covered in fabric and ensure a comfortable fit without creating too much pressure. The air permeability is also good, so the Teufel headset never gets uncomfortable even during multi-hour gaming sessions.

Thanks to its modular design, not only can the design elements be easily interchanged, but the microphone can also be removed if it is necessary to use the ZOLA as a headset. The connection cable is also modular and can be powered with or without a USB sound card on the USB-A port on the (3.5mm) jack plug, which means the gaming headset can also be used on smartphones or tablets. If it no longer connects to a socket, suitable adapters for Lightning or USB-C (15 euros each) can be purchased directly at Teufel.