April 18, 2024


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Saxony – when is the right time to use a gaming PC?

Saxony – when is the right time to use a gaming PC?

Best Gaming PC tested It is offered regularly. In order to keep an overview when buying a gaming PC and to get a PC tailored to your specific needs, in this guide we provide a course through the most important criteria that are important when comparing products:

processor performance

When it comes to the flagship processor, suppliers Intel and AMD are engaged in an exciting duel. Although some guides say otherwise, a minimum of 16GB of RAM is necessary for a modern gaming PC, as it is the only one capable of playing some of the best games like Manor Lords. Another indication of speed in computing processes is a CPU with high clock rates, measured in gigahertz. Just as people can outdo themselves in stressful situations, wizards have an advantage Turbo clockallowing him to temporarily increase his clock speed.

Of great importance is also the number of cores, which allows the computer to evenly distribute computing operations and avoid overloads. Computers can handle extremely fast clock rates only with multiple cores. Cores can be physically doubled using Hyperthreading. A supercomputer with this capability has an impressive 16 threads with 8 cores. The best gaming routers It ensures that the CPU can also perform at peak performance.

Memory: SSD or HDD?

Hard disks are the original working memories of computers installed on the hard disk. Its advantage is the large size of the storage capacity, which now occupies the range of TB in modern computers. However, SSD storage is becoming more powerful in terms of capacity, and anyone with 128GB or even 256GB of RAM for their gaming PC has it covered for many years.

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The use of hybrid storage is also typical in order to combine the advantages of HDD storage in terms of capacity with those of SSD storage. These lie in the faster loading and booting capabilities, in the silent operation and because of its more secure liquid-memory format, since SSD memory is damaged less quickly by vibration due to its liquid (non-mechanical) structure.

GPU performance

What are Intel and AMD for the CPU and Nvidia and AMD for the GPU. Although Intel still offers graphics cards, it is hopelessly behind the providers at the top. A good graphics card should have 2GB and at least 800MHz of processing power. 60fps performance is essential for fast photos, and 144fps is even better. Also known as Hertz (Hz), an acronym that stands for Frames Per Second, it is the ability to convert 60 or 144 frames per second.

High quality graphics cards also offer various features to increase immersion. This includes images in Three-dimensionalAnd VR as well as a shading
(also Raytracer) for realistic shading when light falls into game scenes using rendering. When it comes to resolution, demanding gamers are increasingly choosing 4K over Full HD. With 5.1 or 7.1 speakers, gamers can create immersive surround sound. The first number indicates the number of speakers that need to be set up in a specific order in order to create the best possible surround sound. The second number designates the bass or subwoofer.