February 6, 2023


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Great game room lighting

Lighting design in the game room is not unimportant, because it is the only way to create the right mood. Anyone who now wants to ensure an elegant light design will have a suitable product with the new product from Xiaomi. Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro has a microphone and the ability to connect to a gaming PC.

Smart through and through

The lighting system actually provides everything a player’s heart desires. It consists of a light strip that can be arranged as desired. The light strip is 2 meters long and equipped with a total of 120 LEDs (60 LEDs per meter). The system is also equipped with a microphone that allows the light to be tuned to the music being played or the noise in the game, for example.

Moreover, the system can be synced with a gaming PC. The product is compatible with many software solutions from major accessory manufacturers. Among other things, ASUS Aura Sync and Razer Chroma are supported. But that’s not all: you can also connect your smart home’s lighting system in the classic way.

process via the app
Photo: Xiaomi

Control only 10 cm sections

Unfortunately, you cannot process each LED individually. It is only possible to make a 10 cm section at a time. But this should suffice in most cases. In addition to connecting to a PC, it is also possible to control via the supplied cable remote control or smartphone. With the latter, only the free Xiaomi Home app must be installed.

2 meters is not enough? Not a problem! With extension packages (Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro Accessories), you can purchase 1 meter of light strips, as the extension is limited to 5 meters.

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You can swipe at the Xiaomi online store. There is a beginner’s group For about 100 euros progress.

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