October 24, 2021


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Santiano – When the cold comes

Santiano’s new work includes 14 songs – “Wenn die Kälte sein” captivate with the songs in the typical tough sailor voice that all fans in the group love so much.

theme song”When the cold comes“It can be found as the first number on the CD and really starts right away. The song is a metaphor for tough times against which you have to arm yourself in time, just as you have to prepare against storms on a ship when traveling.” “What you love” also reminds us musically with typical things Shanti songs And it’s about letting go when you love something. So also “Heave Ho” – this does not mean the popular computer game, but the English title on the new album. Nothing But Horizons tells of the symbolic journey where you can never see the Earth, but always only the horizon, but it is also encouraging that at some point the journey will come to an end and you will eventually see Earth again. A sailboat does not advance if the wind does not blow, just as a person does not advance without a motive. This is exactly what the song “Who Can Sail Without Wind”, sung in German and English, is all about. Graubart tells about the hell you find yourself in when a storm hits you in the face, including a beautiful guitar solo. It was a long time ago when you were calm and worry-free, and the wind changed the course of your life – that’s what this song is about and you should always toast the good times.

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Santiano’s new album is perfectly produced again!

For fans of traditional violin music, “As long as playing the violin” is a gift, here once again successful musicians show what they can do musically and interpret an Irish tradition in their own way. Also with “An´t Enn vun de Welt”, which translates as “And the end of the world”, with “This is your time”, “get up” or “don’t live for nothing”, not only Santiano fans will be too, but also fans of good musical performances will have their joy. With “A Lifetime” the singers remember the life partner who accompanied you to the end through the ages. It is truly a wonderful and thoughtful song that reminds of the longing for one person in life that unfortunately does not exist anymore – one of the songs Our favorite on the album.The last song on the album is “Wellermann,” a translation by Santiano with famous song star composer Nathan Evans.

Santiano: When the Cold Comes – Conclusion

With “When the cold comes,” Santiano did You’ve created a great job that your fans will enjoy a lot. Released as a standard edition and also as a deluxe edition, the concept album can be followed closely as a red thread in the form of narrative scripts between songs. With “Wenn die Kälte sein”, Santiano presents another very successful album, on which the great musicians of the Far North will surely build on their past successes.

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