October 24, 2021


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The crime city is so big and the crimes are so numerous that the ordinary police are hopelessly overwhelmed. But reinforcements are coming and with you a new wind is blowing over the city. Your piercing eyes will certainly not miss any detail and will quickly help the law become its own in MIKROMAKRO – FULL HOUSE. I wish you success…

micromacro full house information

EDITION SPIELWIESE Please make available MICROMACRO – FULL HOUSE for us to review. This did not affect our rating!

Track down the perpetrators with a magnifying glass

Everyone plays together in this visual investigation game and tries to track down the sequence of events, clues and culprits in the jumble of the mega city map. The attached magnifying glass can also be used to help with particularly fine details.

Each criminal case develops on several cards with questions. Once the answer to the investigation question is found, the noses on the back of the card can get more information. With each card, the clarification of the situation approaches.

For an overall assessment of the difficulty of the case, these are divided into five levels marked with asterisks. The subject matter of cases can also be evaluated using three different symbols. This enables corresponding pre-selection of younger investigators.

Micromacro Full House 100

Sort first then select

Partial Crime City Full House 02

As in the first part of the series, the game chest contains a large city map. 120 cards must first be manually sorted into 16 envelopes, thus forming criminal cases. A magnifying glass is included for a very close look.

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The rules of the game are very short and self-explanatory, but there are German instructions in the box that illuminate all aspects of the game. Questions should not remain there.

Tags: 1-4 people, 15-45 minutes, investigator, opponent