October 24, 2021


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What kind of scam is this?  Letters to the editor

What kind of scam is this? Letters to the editor

Maxim Gorky’s “Partners” at the Burgtheater in Vienna

By Leonard Fleischer (Gondelfingen)

Monday 11 October 2021

Letters to the editor

To: “Reenactment or Revival?” and “The Endless Flow of Speech on Left Avenue,” contributions by Bettina Schulte and Christian Gambert – (Culture, September 25-30)

Downplaying Maxim Gorky’s play The Collaborators, whose “borrowed characters” have been “mutilated” – according to Christian Gambert – into a fashionable theme, Simon Stone, city manager of Basel, presents another document on the gruesome directing theater at Vienna’s Burgtheater. What a scandal that this arrogant and defiant culture-defying spirit of subjugation and falsification has been allowed to dominate theaters for so many years without legally putting a stop to the interests of abusive poets. A little exception in this regard was Nicholas Stemann’s Zurich theatrical performance of Dornmatt’s The Old Lady’s Visit, where, as Bettina Schulte wrote in her review, the boundaries are “set” by the participation of his heirs to direct a theater. However, the reference to the piece has remained ambiguous, according to Ms. Schulte, to a limited extent. However, the public outcry was not at all obvious, but it should have been much stronger in the BZ culture department.
Leonard Fleischer, Gundelfingen

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