June 18, 2024


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ROBOMAG technology is ready for series production and makes construction sites safer

ROBOMAG technology is ready for series production and makes construction sites safer

May 28, 2024, 10:52 am

As a technology leader, construction machinery manufacturer BOMAG has provided pioneering technology studies in the field of automation in the past. The ROBOMAG BW 154 asphalt roller and ROBOMAG BW 177 compactor act as technological carriers on which all necessary subsystems on the way to fully autonomous operation are developed and tested. One of the technologies from the ROBOMAG concept, the BOMAG Emergency Brake Assist system, is now ready for series production.

BOMAG Emergency Brake Assist scans the surroundings of the construction machine during operation in real time and detects obstacles and moving and stationary objects. The system automatically identifies objects that may be at risk due to machine movement. If a collision is imminent, the vehicle automatically slows down to a complete stop. In this way, potentially dangerous situations are prevented in time before they actually occur. This technology represents a milestone in reducing risks on construction sites and the jury has now recognized the added value of the technology at the INTERMAT Awards in Paris with a Gold Award in the “Roads, Materials and Foundations Industries” category.

قدمت BOMAG بالفعل جهازين كدراسات تكنولوجية على الطريق إلى القيادة الذاتية: الأسطوانة الترادفية ROBOMAG BW 154 والضاغط ROBOMAG BW 177 الآن إحدى التقنيات التي تم تطويرها كجزء من مفهوم ROBOMAG - مساعد مكابح الطوارئ BOMAG -. جاهز تقريبًا للإنتاج المتسلسل.<br />Image source: © BOMAG” src=”https://lectura.press/media-storage/press_releases/thumb_big_d_retina/02_robomag_bw_177(672).jpg” style=”width: 816px;  height: 536px;”/></p>
<p>The BOMAG Emergency Brake Assist will be tested on various construction sites this year in cooperation with selected customers.  The BOMAG Service Organization is also closely involved in the development towards series production in order to subsequently offer customers the same first-class service for digital systems as for mechanical components.  BOMAG Emergency Brake Assist can be used on BOMAG Generation-5 tandem rollers and is therefore independent of use on a completely independent asphalt roller.  Before a product is ready for series production, especially for new safety-related technologies, final certification is pending and is currently being worked on in cooperation with experts.  Once this is granted, the entire technology can be offered to interested customers.</p>
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ومن أجل التمكن من الاستجابة وفقًا لذلك، يقوم مساعد مكابح الطوارئ BOMAG بمراقبة اتجاه حركة الماكينة.<br />Image source: © BOMAG” src=”https://lectura.press/media-storage/press_releases/thumb_big_d_retina/03_bomag_technologie_emergency_brake_assist(fae).png” style=”width: 816px;  height: 536px;”/></p>
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