October 24, 2021


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Reviews on Neue Blu-ray: ua “A Quiet Place 2” und “Luca (2021)

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Reviews on Neue Blu-ray: ua “A Quiet Place 2” und “Luca (2021)

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Also this week we would like to give you a summary of the last week’s Blu-ray reviews. This time it starts with a review Jörn Bomblitz at the address”quiet place 2As a result of his detailed review, he wrote here: “… In terms of content, the sequel doesn’t offer that much new, because the young family is still on the lookout against the monstrous creatures. Unfortunately, the source of this stuff has not been clarified, but at least you get some insight into your first contact with the invaders. You also have to reckon with some logical loopholes, some of which are simply necessary to move the story forward. However, John Krasinski manages well to capture his audience in front of the screen and cheer them on with his heroes – which also includes his wife Emily Blunt who also joined forces with famous actor Cillian Murphy. The film repeatedly depicts the rollercoaster ride between the quiet moments and the attacks of the driving creature, which unfortunately is not implemented with great success from an artistic point of view: because you can persuade to a slightly grainy degree, because the analogue, but very detailed, is left behind with however, the setting of the music It gives a very contradictory impression, because in quiet moments you are very calm – which can sometimes be seen in the poor clarity of the dialogues – on the contrary, in noisy moments, the level rises and almost let the sofa fall. More fine-tuning was necessary here, especially in German dubbing. The original English sound makes it a little better, if not perfect, but it can also heighten the already dense atmosphere even more with good use of ceiling speakers. All in all, the sequel is definitely fun and gives hope that Krasinski will develop the whole thing into a trilogy.”


This week we can also bring you another video game review. College Peter Ankovich Try the PS4 version of “Mass Effect – Legendary Edition“from. In his last conclusion, he said:”When does it make sense to buy an old series of games again? What should the developer put in place to achieve? We know examples like “Demon’s Souls,” which came out for PS5, or the classic “Shadow of the Colossus,” which developer Bluepoint Games breathed new life into with much love. On the other hand, a Rushed refactor can be kept quickly as a simple and quick solution. “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” lies in between. Almost nothing new! All this has happened before! It works like new, because all the DLC has been spun and grown exponentially as a result. The outside has been changed a little bit and your inside has looked a bit. The rest is history, please forgive me for the obscure joke! Very good story. You decide for yourself whether you should buy the game or not. The game reminds me of goulash. Served fresh, it tastes exciting, fresh and wonderful. It may have lacked pepper, but it was great. Then the rest is frozen. After a week, you have a day to yourself, take it off your chest and warm it up. It still smells as it was at that time, remember that there was no pepper, add more spices and decorate the dish with parsley. And because you enjoy the leisure time, you have to mess around with duct tape, a glass of beer, a light salad and finally a little butter on top. The goulash is about the same. But sometimes you get the taste of old goulash.”As always, we hope you enjoy reading our current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and hope we can give you a little bit of support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (s)

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