October 24, 2021


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Legal and illegal cheating in sports and a comparison with computer games

A discussion on an athletics forum on ‘Intersex’ athletes competing in the women’s category made me think about cheating in sport and in games not long ago. The issue of intersex athletes is an interesting topic and how it is handled is related to current issues in societies, especially the ‘woke’ ideas of the ‘political correct’ thinking crowd.

I feel that 2019 is the year in which insanity was normalised, which you can see from various discussions but also movements in society that aim to normalise what is not normal. Note that this is not about self-appreciation, but forcing the appreciation and value of people onto others: “You must think of us in this way”, while also making disagreements impossible, which are considered some form of ‘ism’ of ‘phobia’. And so you cannot deal with such people in a normal way, it is ‘their way or the highway’. No ‘agree to disagree’, no polite disagreements, it is ‘you must accept my view’. One such example in a discussion was about a woman on a TV programme who portrayed herself to be a lesbian, but many thought she did that only for getting on the TV programme. A commenter with a youtube video wrote “She is gay if she says so”, which is of course nonsense. One counterexample is manipulation, in this case using the TV program to get on TV, get exposure, as she was selling her photos (I think nudes) to men. So she was aiming her online presence at men, and though that in itself doesn’t mean she is heterosexual, that only shows that she is using her ‘assets’, saying she is a lesbian is not necessarily the case.

2019 is the point in time that this insanity of “This is reality because I say so” has become apparent everywhere. Apparent in that I felt the effects of something that started long ago, especially political correctness, though that was just an intermediate step of the actual movement, in media and in society even if you don’t watch TV nor read newspapers, e.g. because of advertising, because of hiring practices in companies etc.

One of these issues is in intersex people but also transsexuals in women’s sports. With transsexuals from male to female there are advantages that such a ‘woman’ has over a biological woman from growing up but especially the time of puberty, that lowering testosterone will not reverse. Anyone who is interested in women’s sports should oppose the taking of such people in sports as it removes all meaning from it.

The same goes for intersex people, especially those who are 46 XY DSD which are in fact men. A quote from the integrity in sports initiative: “‘A 46 XY karyotype reveals that one is dealing with a genetic male who was under masculinised during fetal development’, states ‘ScienceDirect’.”

These ‘women’ are only ‘intersex’ in the sense of outward appearance in early life. That quickly changes after puberty and you can see such ‘women’ are running with a male running style, have the muscles, voice and facial features that are typical of men. That these ‘women’ have not obliterated the women’s world records (yet) is not so strange: They are not elite athletes in any sense of the word when considering they are men. They are not outstanding in ability (for men) and also not in the training they do. But you can see the advantages they have for example in Mboma who, when barred by World Athletics (IAAF) from 400-1500m due to being 46XY DSD, went to run the 200m and promptly got a 2nd place at the olympics. This is impossible for any normal athlete, male or female. You normally can’t be world class in one event and then almost without any specific training become world class in another. This only shows what is obvious, which is what a man would be able to do: Dominate women in a number of events without much specific training for any one of them. In the technical events it’s harder as you need the training in technique and so there you won’t quickly see this happen, but unless the rules are changed, which are caused by CAS and not the IAAF, this will continue.

This nonsense is made possible by political correctness, and in letting people decide for themselves what they are. You are not a woman if you say so, you are a woman if you are a woman.

The issues in games are that people cheat for various reasons, mostly to get self-esteem and prestige from their ‘performances’.

With games and computer games cheating is not allowed, of course. You can get arrested or barred from a casino for card counting, ditto I suspect from websites that offer gambling such as 22Bet login, and in computer games you can get banned from competitions in speedrunning or high score boards such as Twingalaxies, but in sports is legal to cheat in such cases for such persons, entering women’s competitions with male features and thus male advantages. Is this fair?