February 24, 2024


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Review student texts “The Great Summer”

Review student texts “The Great Summer”

The Big Summer movie review

Der groe Sommer by Ewald Ahrens is about a teenager’s upbringing and his first great love. The main character, 16-year-old Friedrich, who is usually called Frieder, has failed math and Latin and is therefore not allowed to go on his long-awaited summer vacation with his family. Instead, he has to spend his vacation with his loving grandmother and selfish grandfather. His grandparents are supposed to make him study math and Latin every day so that he can pass the exams that will determine if he can continue in the same class. While visiting his beloved swimming pool in the rain, he meets Pete. The girl in the glass green bathing suit has completely green eyes. “She was my age. Bottle green bathing suit. Dark hair. And pretty. Very pretty.” In addition to studying, he spends his summer holidays with his sister Alma, his best friends Johann and Betty, his first great love. The story is written in an exciting way that draws you in so much that you think you are part of the story. The sentences are clear and the author adds interesting and timeless language for young people. As a reader, you can put yourself in Frieder’s shoes thanks to the emotions described in detail. Because of their special and rebellious nature, the four young men are very special, but also lovable. The plot is realistic, so that memories of previous summers wake up, you even feel warm in winter and also want to jump into the pool right away. “The Big Summer” is already recommended for everyone over 15 years old.

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Ewald Arens: big summer. DuMont Verlag, Cologne 2021. 320 pages, €12.