April 23, 2024


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Review: “Star Wars 91 – Darth Vader: Crimson Reign 5”

Review: “Star Wars 91 – Darth Vader: Crimson Reign 5”

Volume 91 of the Monthly Series.

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In the fourth episode of the comic series, in which the Jedi Master participated Obi-Wan Kenobi Exiled on Tatooine recounts his most difficult trials We return to the legendary Clone Wars alongside the Jedi General, but far from the front and in the company of Anakin Skywalker


Volume 91 of the Monthly Series gives us two stories again. On the one hand, a digression with Obi-Wan and on the other hand, a continuation of Vader’s story. In terms of graphics, the scale is of course beyond doubt. The characters look well drawn, you can see all the details, even when things get a little darker, and you can even see (or interpret) the emotions in people who wear helmets like Vader.

Unfortunately, the story turns out to be the weakest part again. For one thing, at the time of Episode IV, Obi-Wan is looking back at another Clone Wars episode. You begin to wonder what the built-in plot, which always contains only a few panels, has to do with all this. Will there be another explanation here?

Hence the Clone Wars story is just another nonsensical “too run” episode. Yes, well, it’s a continuation of the story from the last volume. A former comrade-in-arms has become radicalized and must be stopped.

After all, people wonder if it’s better to kill people or try the diplomatic route and let Anakin beat the drum here. An omen for the future? So, at least on that front, it’s very nice, even if character development here isn’t anything new anymore.

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Then the thread of Vader’s story also suffers from the fact that it keeps falling flat. Sure, well known tactic, so you can tune in again next week… Ugh, buy again next month, but it’s getting a little annoying, also because (it’s already v5) you risk losing thread and an action-packed story as a result of losing a lot.

After all, there are good show values ​​to be seen here again, such as when Vader steps up to the prefect’s star destroyer. Or Oshii turns out to be the coward. This is pure Vader work and he can please, but it can go slowly. Does anyone still know this was supposed to be about Crimson Down?