June 9, 2023


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Review Shaun Shippey – Broken Prince

European composers meet Sephardic songs: guitarist Sean Shippey and tenor Karim Suleiman weave a very topical dialogue.

In interviews, young guitarist Shaun Shippey is experienced as a reflective artist with clear ideas. As the son of a Scotsman and a Japanese mother, he has strong views on Brexit and the Commonwealth. Postcolonial discourses and Edward Said’s critique of “Orientalism” characterize Sheppey’s current album, which he recorded alongside Lebanese-American tenor Karim Suleiman. European composers such as Dowland, Monteverdi and Britten enter into dialogue with Sephardic anthems, Moroccan music, Egyptian composer Darwish and Japanese Takemitsu. Shibe, who also plays some solo pieces, such as Harvey’s Sufi Dance, proves to be at the height of his art, bringing subtle textures, fast runs and enveloping. It explores microtonal realms and Arabic maqamat, creating glowing chords and enjoying a rhythmic verve. Solomon interprets the songs with a slim and versatile tenor. With a gentle melt, his voice radiates powerfully even in quiet, intimate moments. By focusing on it, he conveys the feelings of cutting with extreme precision. More of that!

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Sean Shippey

Sean Shippey

broken branches
Works by Dowland, Harvey, Caccini, Monteverdi, Britten, Takemitsu, and more

Karim Suleiman (tenor), Sean Shippey (guitar)

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