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Test // respect

Test // respect

Written by Nils Frederick Heinemann on .

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Respect describes a form of appreciation or appreciation, but how is respectful behavior toward our fellow human beings expressed? Regarding respect – the question that is being played for world changers, children should be introduced to this topic and, in the best case, learn how to respect each other.

Information about the game

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Donate stars or points?

The goal in RESPEKT is to collect as many points or stars as possible to donate. At the end there is a Donation Star Winner and a Point Winner. The game is played interchangeably and the active player changes after each mission. First, one of the other players pulls a card from the stack and reads it. Then the active player has 1 minute to solve or perform the mission.


There are different types of missions: multiple choice questions, terminology explanations, describing behavior in a situation, telling something specific about yourself, questions for which all possible correct possible answers must be found, changes in score, interaction with other players / who have something very mobile . The mission is completed with a mission and the game ends either when it is played or after a predetermined number of rounds.

Game material

A game box with a sorting insert keeps cards safe. The cards are supplied with various fancy graphics, but they do not distract from easy-to-read texts. In addition, the fancy graphics and the top edge are kept in different colors, which allows to draw conclusions about the points to be obtained. The game rules are easy to understand and print on two cards, so there is no classic rule book.

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Tags: quiz, 2-6 players, 60-90 minutes, blackjack