June 25, 2022


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Review David Graeber and David Wingro, «Beginnings», Klit-Kut

Down to work! New Reality Books

Native Americans as a model for the future

“Here I stand. Luther once said. Today the world stands still because of Protestant industriousness. In order to get them to work again, other social models are needed, which humanity has tried abundantly throughout history.

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Dr. read it. Elephant. Daniel Arnett

“The great wisdom of Bababalaji lies in these papers,” says South Sea President Toiafe of El-Bayed newspapers after he returned to his island of Tuvia from a trip to Europe. “The Papalagi” was a popular book when I was young, because the green movement of the late ’70s saw a real revival of the naive view of wild Western values. The German Erich Schuermann (1878-1957) first published Invented Speeches in 1920.

“The true origin of the Western perspective lies in the European images of those imaginative and skeptical Aboriginals who aspire to Europe’s curious curiosity,” not in reports of European travels to Aboriginal peoples. This is what the American anthropologist David Graeber (1961-2020) and British archaeologist David Wingro (49) wrote in their monumental work The Beginnings, which has just been published in German.

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