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Researchers suspect alien technology behind the mysterious discovery

Researchers suspect alien technology behind the mysterious discovery

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This mysterious mineral discovery was discovered on Earth several years ago among meteorite fragments. (Avatar) © Imago/Xinhua

Researchers discovered minerals not found in nature under a meteorite that struck Earth a few years ago. They therefore suspect extraterrestrial technologies.

Venezuela – Science has been able to answer many questions about our planet Earth in recent years, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered. For example, how water got to Earth. Here the opinions of researchers differ. However, they discover the presence of extraterrestrial water in a meteorite And so he arrived on our planet.

Scientists also have different opinions about extraterrestrial life on another planet or even in another galaxy. On the one hand, many people believe that it is impossible for there to be other living organisms in space other than us. However, mysterious objects continue to appear on Earth that fuel theories about aliens.

Mysterious minerals discovered on Earth: Researchers suspect extraterrestrial technology behind it

Scientists from Venezuela have synthesized two minerals that are not found in nature. According to an article in msn.com These are said to be eidite and brzeianite. The mineral, which can only be produced in a laboratory, was found on Earth a few years ago under meteorite fragments. The debris is now suspected to be the remains of an alien spacecraft.

One physicist from the Central University of Venezuela said: “It is important to be open and even provocative to consider the question: Are these meteorite minerals examples of extraterrestrial technology?” The researcher explained that the formation of minerals may require a precise and complex process that cannot be easily found in nature. “If this hypothesis is not confirmed after numerous experiments, we may question the possibility of obtaining these minerals through industrial processes. In other words, they are technological signals.

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The network reacts dividedly to researchers' doubts about extraterrestrial technology

As with scholars, opinions vary widely among Internet users. Many do not believe that the discovery involves extraterrestrial technology. “I hope more brains fall to the ground,” one Facebook user wrote about the theory. Another commented: “Don't drive people so incredibly crazy.”

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However, there are also those who believe it is possible. “Why are so many people in the comments section closing their minds to the fact that something like this could actually happen?” one user asks. UFO author Anna Witty also doesn't shy away from theory about aliens. “I truly believe they have always been here,” she says. However, the discoveries have not yet provided valid and reliable evidence of this.