February 6, 2023


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Remove Negative Google Reviews - How to do it?

Remove Negative Google Reviews – How to do it?

Have you received negative or bad reviews or ratings about your company on Google? Would you like to remove them to avoid damaging your reputation? We’ve summarized the most important information you need to take action against negative Google ratings:

How important are Google reviews?

No company can get around Google these days. After all, Google is the most visited Internet search engine in the world and many users use it to find places and businesses. It is not only listing on Google that is important for companies, but above all rankings. Google users can rate places and companies on Google with stars and write a review. Reviews that have already been submitted are a first impression of places and companies for other Google users. Therefore, it is very important to get good ratings on Google. On the other hand, you gain new customers with good reviews. On the other hand, negative Google reviews can damage your reputation and lead to lost sales in no time!

How do I delete negative Google reviews?

On the other hand, there is a possibility to contact Google for the purpose of deletion. Under certain circumstances, Google deletes reviews, for example if they contain discrimination, insults, hate speech, etc. However, our experience has shown that this is often a long and cumbersome process that Google likes to take its time. A requested deletion is also not guaranteed. Experience has also shown that customers often fail when they try to delete a rating themselves. In the case of reviews in particular, it often comes down to the legally correct description of the corresponding legal violation. If you take action against assessments, the right to injunction may also expire due to the passage of time.

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On the other hand, you can take legal action against the negative evaluation. An attorney can check individual reviews for their admissibility. Under certain circumstances, for example in the case of false allegations, defamatory criticism or similar situations, the assessment writer can even be warned directly in an additional context, the lawyer can also take legal action.

Feel free to contact us at the Hämmerling von Leitner-Scharfenberg office at any time for an initial, non-binding discussion about your negative feedback. We specialize in media law and advise a large number of clients across the country about negative feedback on all platforms. We will be glad to help you too! You will reach us:

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