June 8, 2023


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Company – Best Course of Action for Online Negative Kununu Reviews

Best Course of Action for Negative Kununu Reviews Online

Kununu is the most popular and most visited ranking portal for employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With over 1 million companies registered and over 4.5 million ratings submitted, the rating portal is particularly well suited, with many potential applicants viewing a negative rating as a warning sign.

Why are employer reviews important to potential applicants?

When deciding to apply to a company, online reviews have an increasing impact. This principle of transparency has been used in purchasing decisions on the World Wide Web for a number of years. For example, customer reviews on Amazon and Co. An important indicator of whether a particular product is being purchased or not. For this reason, the goal of each company is to present itself as positively as possible on the Internet on rating portals and maintain a good reputation. Former employers are settled at regular intervals on review portals. Uncensored and in many cases fabricated claims and reviews create uncertainty among potential applicants as well as HR departments. For this reason, more and more companies are expressly aiming for good reviews on portals like Kununu and To delete negative Kununu reviews.

How does the Kununu rating system work?

Kununu provides a platform through which employees, applicants, and former employees can rate the company. To write an anonymous review, all you need is an email address. Users also have the opportunity to register on Kununu and participate in online discussions. Anonymous rating is provided via the registration form. Here the review is written based on a variety of different criteria. These include:

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Corporate culture: In addition to the work atmosphere, this category also includes points of cohesion between colleagues and behavior with superiors.
Diversity: This category includes equality within the company.
Work environment: In this category, working conditions are evaluated.
– Occupation: Here users can give their opinion on salary, additional training or job opportunities.

What do you do with negative reviews?

If your company has a large number of negative reviews on Kununu, you should definitely take countermeasures, otherwise you risk harming your company’s image. You should first get an overview of the current situation. First, analyze how many reviews your company has already had, how many positive reviews, and how many negative reviews. Also take a look at the discussion forums. It is possible that your company will be discussed there. Read the discussions carefully and write down relevant information that pertains to your company.

How can you prevent negative reviews?

First of all, you should be careful to respond to negative reviews. Because there is nothing worse than an unfounded and uncommented statement. Even if the review is a slam dunk, try to be objective at all times. If the criticism is extensive, you can give a general answer, for example by describing the philosophy of the company. So that there are not negative reviews in the first place, you should use appropriate preventive measures. To do this, you could, for example, provide your employees with an anonymous internal reporting channel. This gives your employees the opportunity to express criticism and dissatisfaction internally before they do so on online platforms.

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Even if the reviews are mostly positive, you should still regularly check the working atmosphere. Show your employees that you are open to changes and constructive criticism and try to implement suggestions for improvement. Organize an internal employee satisfaction survey nearly every year. You can use Kununu’s ratings that relate to your company as a basis. Think carefully about the topics you want to address and where you actually have the opportunity to make and make improvements.